Xbox vs PlayStation vs Nintendo, which console should you buy?

Azam TanzeemSep 2 . 8 min read

Consumers now have the choice of consoles from a lot of companies, but mainly from three: PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, one might even add google stadia to this list as well. Some time back, the battle used to be between the Nintendo switch vs Xbox one vs PS4, but now it has become a battle between the current flagships: Nintendo Switch vs PS5 vs Xbox X

More choice, though, is a good thing as this means companies will be pressurised to give us the best. Companies fighting against each other to give us the best console will mean cheaper, more competitive, feature-filled consoles. The war between Xbox vs PlayStation vs Nintendo will prove to be legendary in the coming years.

On this list, I’ll be helping you choose the best console for you.

Nintendo Switch vs PS5 


The PS5 is super powerful, with 10.28 TFLOP (variable), ultra-fast solid-state drives and 4K Blu-ray drives. It supports realistic graphics and works with many PlayStation exclusive products. However, it is a strong beast over 15 inches long.


The Nintendo Switch is not meant to be as powerful as the PS5, but it allows you to connect to a television or play in handheld mode. There are dozens of popular exclusive games in this game system, many of which have couch cooperative and family titles.



Microsoft's Xbox Series X is the most powerful game console on the market, with a more powerful processor and more storage space than PS5 or Switch. Xbox Series X is a large black rectangle with a disk drive on the front and various ports on the back.

As you can see, Xbox vs PlayStation vs Nintendo is taking shape. 



1. PS5 

Besides being a powerful machine, PS5 has two outstanding features: it can use the Sony exclusive series and its innovative DualSense controller. Sony has the exclusive rights to release games in the series "Ratchet and Clank", "God of War", "Horizon", "The Last of Us", "Spiderman", "Devil's Soul" and "GT Racing", and The list goes on. In the past generation, these games often topped the best list due to more advanced game design and excellent production value.

 The DualSense controller is also worth mentioning because it uses some of the most creative and subtle touches on the market. DualSense is not just a simple vibration, it can also provide different sensations for steps, and moving various types of obstacles. The controller's adaptive trigger can also become rugged, adding a certain degree of authenticity to the game you play.

2. Xbox X

It is easily the most powerful of the three consoles, Xbox Series X is probably the best place to play popular games from cross-platform series, such as Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. Microsoft exclusive series, such as Halo, Gears, and Forza, has been a favourite of multiplayer games for some time. Microsoft's acquisition of studios like Bethesda and Obsidian means fans of single-player games can win, too. Xbox Series X has the strongest backward compatibility of the three consoles, allowing gamers to experience almost all Xbox One games, as well as many original Xbox 360 and Xbox games. 

However, perhaps the biggest advantage of buying Xbox Series X is the ability to make the most of the Xbox Game Pass. This $ 15 monthly subscription allows you to download more than 300 games on Xbox or PC, or stream them to Android or iOS smartphones. No matter where you play, your progress will continue. 

3. Nintendo Switch

Being able to grab your console and take your game anywhere is a wonderful idea and gamers will be pleased to see that a solid console of this form factor is now a reality. The Switch is as smooth as Nintendo advertised. Insert it into the docking station and your game will appear on the TV; flip the console and it becomes a handheld device.

It is also worth mentioning that the Switch has some incredible games, including the best game in the past decade "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", and other wonderful games like the Mario series!

Now that we have looked at the pros of the Nintendo switch vs Xbox one vs PlayStation 5 debate. Let's take a look at the cons:


1. PS5 

Aside from being nearly impossible to buy, the PS5 is still an old-school game console in some respects. You can take a Switch and take it with you; you can stream Xbox games almost anywhere. PS5 games blend with your smartphone screen on your TV, PC, or local network. (Still, good luck with a wireless controller.) It has a limited number of streaming media apps, and none of its subscription services is as consistent as Xbox Game Pass. The PS5 is also so big and heavy. It is currently not possible to add additional internal storage space, and it will take a lot of extra effort once it is added.

2. Nintendo Switch

The Switch is the oldest of the 3 consoles right now, which means it is the least powerful as well. Unlike the 4k / 60fps promised by PS5 and Xbox Series X, the Switch gets 720p in handheld mode and 1080p when docked to a TV; most games run at 30 fps.

 This also raises a related problem: Switch has a service life of four years, and the 4K successor has been overdue. Although you'll be able to pick up the OLED Switch this fall, it still has a 1080p display and pretty much the same components as the base Switch. If you buy the Switch now, you may need to replace it next year. Even if you don't, as the game accommodates more demanding hardware, you might miss out on some great third-party games.


Although Microsoft has many interesting franchises, none of them appears exclusively on Xbox Series X. We are currently between Halo, Gears, and Forza games, while large-scale RPGs like Starfield and Avowed are still months or years away. 

Additionally, one of the biggest advantages of Xbox Series X - its cross-platform ecosystem - also means that you don't need to buy a console to experience its best games. In theory, you can get a similar experience with a $ 15 monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription or get a better experience on a powerful gaming PC. Finally, although hardly a deal-breaker, the Xbox Series X does not have a USBC port, making the console less future-proof than it should be.

Now that we have looked at the fight between Xbox vs PlayStation vs Nintendo, let’s take a look at what Google Stadia is.


Google Stadia allows you to play any modern game on almost any screen you own. Google’s servers handle all the processing power and deliver them to you via the cloud. No need to worry about downloading or installing; if your device can run Google Chrome, it can handle Google Stadia. Google Stadia supports playback on TVs (using Chromecast Ultra), desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

The Xbox vs PlayStation vs Nintendo way may just be over… but here’s some additional information on Google Stadia:

 If your Internet can handle it, Google Stadia can stream games at 60fps with 4K resolution, HDR, and 5.1 surround sound, and the entire Internet connection is at least 35Mbps. Even if the internet speed is not that fast, Google Stadiums will support various internet speeds at the cost of some graphics quality (the minimum recommended speed is 10 Mbps). You can use Google's convenient speed test site to check beforehand if your chosen platform is ready for Google stadiums. 

 Google Stadia also allows you to use unique features, such as Stream Connect for games like Division 2, which allows you to view the screens of your teammates, as well as status sharing, which allows you to capture actions or videos in games like Hitman to save you the unique game state at that moment allows others to jump directly into that moment by themselves.


Will Google Stadia prove to be the end of the Xbox vs PlayStation vs Nintendo war?

Only time will tell, and we’re all looking forward to this heavyweight clash!


Xbox vs PlayStation vs Nintendo are not the only gaming systems you can buy. You can play great games on the best mobile phones or the best gaming PCs. Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One vs PS4 is still a worthy clash-up between the consoles, and there are many affordable retro games to explore. 

 These are good choices and worth considering, depending on what you want from the game system. However, at present, Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One vs PlayStation 5 is the most famous game console on the market.

I hope you now have an idea of which console is better for you after reading this article. 

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