Will There be a Kingdom Hearts 4? News, Latest Updates

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Kingdom Hearts has finally finished its first story arc after what seemed like an eternity. After 17 years, the Dark Seeker Saga, often known as the "Xehanort Saga," is finally completed. Some fans may argue that it didn't end until Kingdom Hearts Union X's earth-shattering conclusion, while others may argue that it won't be ended until Dark Road is completed. Whatever one's opinion, the fight between Sora, Riku, and their allies and Xehanort's armies in Kingdom Hearts 3 concluded. The well-known Square Enix and Disney crossover brand can now go to new heights.

The only real issue is that the inevitable next episode feels like an eternity away, and it's unclear when the next piece of information will be released. There have been hints as to what Kingdom Hearts iv and the future project will be, but no official announcement has been made to tie everything together. It's up to the fans to figure out what's next for Kingdom Hearts, which has been made a little easier by the series' unexpected arrival on PC. There are several indications as to the series' future and the nature of Kingdom Hearts 4.

Long-time fans have been intimately connected with the narrative of key protagonists Sora and Riku, despite how improbable the basic idea of Kingdom Hearts seemed from the start. They've had their disagreements, but they've always had a bond that spans several games. The series is noted for its notoriously complex plot, which spans centuries in its history. It may be very rewarding for fans to witness the story of Sora and Riku come to a close; Once Kingdom Hearts 4 is released, after acting as the major focus of the storyline.


After his planet is devastated by evil monsters known as "Heartless," a child named Sora is set on a mission to save the Seven Princesses of Heart. Ansem, an evil entity, seeks to use the princesses' pure light hearts to open the Door to Darkness and seize dominion over all worlds. Also, those seven princesses are all Disney princesses, and Sora is accompanied on his world-hopping journey by Donald and Goofy. At one point, he battles Cloud from Final Fantasy 7.


Tetsuya Nomura, the game director for Kingdom Hearts III, revealed in an interview with Ultimania in early 2019 that he was looking into the idea of sandwiching Kingdom Hearts IV between upcoming products, but that "there's something that must be written before it."

We're not sure if he was talking to the Re Mind DLC or another project he's been working on, such as the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Work on the next big Kingdom Hearts game maybe already begun, but it's also possible that it may languish in development hell as Kingdom Hearts III did for years.

The good news is that there will be more Kingdom Hearts games between now and then to fill the hole. So, will there be a kingdom hearts 4? A resounding Yes.


These are the latest Kingdom Hearts 4 news we have with us right now: 

Much of the information about Kingdom Hearts 4 has been disseminated throughout the last two years. Kingdom Hearts 3 and its Re: Mind DLC revealed a lot about the game's environment and, to a lesser extent, its characters. The Foretellers have reassembled, without Ava for the time being. Luxu/black Xigbar's box will carry something significant, maybe linked to the Master of Masters' actual aims and personal adversaries, the Darkness. One hypothesis regarding the narrative of the forthcoming epic is that the Foretellers will act as vessels for the Darkness to destroy, but who will perform the destruction is unknown.

Kingdom Hearts 4 will most likely take place in Quadratum, a new, modern Japan-like setting with a largely updated cast. It's an "unreality" in comparison to the usual Kingdom Hearts realms, and it's crucial to the Master of Masters' goals. Yozora will almost definitely take centre stage, though his design, as suggested by his dialogue, may alter. Sora may be out of service for a while to assist Yozora (and maybe his Verum Rex allies) in settling down, and the endings of KH3, Re: Mind, and Melody of Memory all hint that Riku will appear. The Kingdom Hearts 4 release date is uncertain; however, it is likely to be many years away.


Here are our kingdom hearts 4 theory:

Thankfully, now that another major entry has been released, it appears like Kingdom Hearts will resume producing spin-offs. Kingdom Hearts now has four teams: the Osaka team, which has worked on key entries since Birth By Sleep; the mobile team, which has switched its focus entirely to the final Dark Road update now that Union X is complete; and two newer teams. Melody of Memory was created by indies zero, which is well known for working on Square Enix's Theatrhythm Final Fantasy titles. The work of the other is unknown, but it might appear very soon.

For the series' 20th anniversary in 2022, a huge plan is supposedly in the works, and it looks like another spin-off. According to a source, Project Oath will be released in Q1 2022, and there is also an unidentified KH project reported to be built on Unreal Engine 5. For all fans to know, that one might be Kingdom Hearts 4, whereas Project Oath could be a KH3D-style game that spans the gap between Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts 4. The actual nature of Quadratum may be revealed to the Kingdom Hearts fanbase very soon, and it will be extremely revealing for where Kingdom Hearts is headed next.



We can deduce a few things from Re Mind's hidden ending about what could happen in the future game.

To begin with, the Master of Masters, as well as the remaining members of Organization XIII, will play a significantly greater role. Luxord is linked with the Master of Masters, an enigmatic and presumably old entity who may have been manipulating the strings all along, making him an even larger evil than Xehanort, according to the secret ending of Re Mind.

Yozora (voiced by Dylan Sprouse), a fictitious character introduced in Kingdom Hearts III as a fictional character within the Toy Story universe (yeah, that's three levels of fictional worlds), will most likely be included in future games. Yozora also appears as the last boss after the Re Mind DLC, offering cryptic warnings and promises to Sora before he "wakes up" in his home realm in a scenario reminiscent of the Final Fantasy Versus XIII teaser. Many of the game's concepts and characters were reused in Final Fantasy XV, making all of these links puzzling.

This may also include some sort of continuing crossover with the universe of The World Ends With You. Sora has reached Shibuya several times thus far, and each time he enters, the spectator is shown Shibuya's 104 building, a construction that exists only in the world of The World Ends With You.

A New Legacy?

Here is another Kingdom Hearts 4 theory we’re putting forward:

Many of the best-received stories in visual forms such as comics, cartoons, and video games have been those with a degree of finality. Famous comics like The Watchmen and anime like Cowboy Bebop benefit from the fact that their tales are confined. Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy in general, take a lot of inspiration from Berserk and other Japanese games with unambiguous endings, thus Kingdom Hearts 4 would be a good fit for the brand if it ended with the two Kingdom Hearts protagonists.

At this moment, Kingdom Hearts is a series of games. Almost all of those games revolve around Sora and Riku, or one of the antagonists who serves as a counterpoint or a literal doppelganger for one of the two young heroes. Originally conceived as a link between Kingdom Hearts' Disney and Final Fantasy beginnings, each hero has already established himself as a distinct personality. This is a big reason why many fans would be happy to see their adventure conclude. While Sora and Riku carved their route, they also paved the way for a lot of other people.

For fans of the franchise, the most intriguing aspect is how the most recent instalment has built up a future steeped in the brand's past. The DLC for Kingdom Hearts III finished with a clear allusion to Tetsuya Nomura's most well-known project, Versus 13. Following the disclosure of KH3's secret ending, which has been a tradition since the original game, it appears that the torch will be passed from Sora and Riku to Yozora in the future game.

In one way or another, Square Enix will have to make up for Sora's labours by providing him with genuine rest. In Kingdom Hearts, Sora has gone through a lot and providing him and Riku a genuine break in the next game might be crucial to a satisfactory conclusion to the tale.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise's future is uncertain, but creating a true conclusion to its first main arc might be crucial to the franchise's narrative's success.

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