Why people hardly get bored after playing a single game several times

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaJul 14 . 5 min read

Time flies when you are completely into gaming. You may not be playing physically with the setup but it is always running subconsciously in your mind all the time. The glimpses keep coming and urging you to play more and more.

This is usually the scene with all types of gamers whether playing from a console, mobile phone, or online streaming and certainly they start playing the same game several times and hardly getting bored. There may be various reasons to do so depending on the player and his/her liking/disliking about a single game.

Hunger to clear the stages

Gamers can be of any age, community, gender, and belief. But, once they start liking the small challenges given in the stages of the game, there is hardly any drive back from that. Playing a single game, again and again, does not get boring and the number of trials to clear a stage start increasing. The gamers keep trying new or other tactics or methods to clear the stage. This keeps them continuously thinking and trying to win.

It becomes a challenge for the gamer if he/she is not clear on the stage and this keeps them intrigued about what other ways they can use to win and discover the further stages. This race just keeps on going and dragging the player to play more with each successive stage.

Rewards on Winning

A reason to keep the player motivated to play the game more and more is getting rewarded for clearing the stages. Candy Crush is a worldwide famous game that is or has been played by almost all players. There are rewards at every stage depending on the points you make and in how a minimum number of steps you clear the stage. These rewards keep increasing with how better the way you play and clear the game. The number of lives provided to win the game also increases when you keep clearing the stages without losing in between the stages.

Many other games like Mistplay, Lucktastic, Wizard of Oz slots, My Konami Slots, Zynga Poker reward you in monetary value on winning the stages. This stands out to be a major drive for playing these types of games repetitively. The more they will win, the more they earn. This does not let them get bored of the same game even playing several times. Scratch Cards and Coupons to buy or get a rebate on something are also given on winning in some games.

Online groups

Some of the games like Best Friend Stars, Fortnite, Jack box Games, Minecraft are played with other players online making a group. Whenever the squad gets online, all players get set to play the game irrespective of their locations. The best part is that you can also interact live with other players while playing and this makes the game interesting even after playing so many times.

Ludo is one of the most popular and also conventional games now played online with other players at other locations. Those who are not very experts in gaming, love this game as they already are aware of how to play the game. They spend hours playing Ludo without getting fatigued and bored of the game. Now, with the changes, rewards are also given in the game to the player finishing fastest.

Snake and Ladder are also some of those real-time conventional games which almost everyone has played since their childhood. The game keeps maintaining fright in the players of not getting bitten by the snake, especially when reaching the spot ‘99’ in the game.

In advanced form, online group gaming is done in streaming also and is becoming very popular. No border is a bar to connect in this stream, play together, and get rewarded with money and popularity both together. Youtube is a very popular platform now for these streaming games all over the world.

Some big Game Creators and platforms organize gaming events annually which reward huge amounts of money on winning the tournament. These events are highly popular among professional gamers and they eagerly wait for them.


Summing up in totality, the love and joy for the game do not fade away easily even after playing the same game numerous times. Every time the player plays it discovers a new kind of joy and a new way to explore his/her capability to play and clear the stages. The increased accessibility to the game has made its one way to remove dullness, anxieties, and stresses allowing yourself to do your favorite thing at any point in time.

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