What Game Developers Can Do To Help Gamers Overcome Addiction

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaJun 27 . 4 min read

Gaming is the modern days' most common hobby. Everyone loves to do gaming whether it is on a PC, a Phone, a Laptop, or on a gaming console. One can play both offline as well as online. So, that makes it accessible from anywhere at any time.

But with all-time accessibility, gamers start spending too much of their time. They don't realize it easily and soon become addicted to video games. Till the time they realize this, it gets very late. Hence, it becomes the utmost necessity to find new ways to overcome this everyday increasing addiction trend.

There are many conventional ways to control the addiction but only a few of them prove to be successful. The reason behind this is that gamers are completely involved in clearing the game stages without realizing the time they have been playing the game continuously.

Why people play so many Video Games

In many surveys, gamers have been confronted with playing video games for long hours to avoid real-life situations. Multiplayer gaming is one of the most popular types of online gaming because of the illusion they create of being in a community. Some people find it as a stress buster and keep playing continuously for many hours.

Teenagers find it one of the ways to express themselves as winners in something that may not be performing very well with their real-life tasks.

Rewards for Longer plays

Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of World of WarCraft provide rewards on reaching the highest level possible. The missions are lengthy and more in number and the rewards are for those players who put in more time to the game. This makes the gaming session go lengthy.

Also, many players find it as an essential part of the game of sinking more number hours continuously and hence they like to play video games only with lengthy stages.

Role of Game Developers

That is where the role of game developers comes up. The Game developers can make a big difference to reduce this addiction. Some game developers have already started working on it and using unique ways to remind the gamer about time spent on gaming.

Steps by Game Developers

Nintendo, a game developer company, asks its players to take a break in between the stages if they have spent many continuous hours on the game. This type of reminder helps to make the gamers realize about time spent on the game. Animal Crossing, one more game, allows the gamers to play only for certain hours in the day and the same night also. Blizzard Entertainment now also shows warning messages after a fixed hour of gameplay (e.g. 3)

Policies for Game Developers

In many countries like South Korea, China, Thailand, and Vietnam, the Government has made policies for the gaming companies to block the game after a certain period time usage. This is under the Shutdown system policy.

Another one is 'Selective Shutdown Policy', in which minors under 18 years or their local guardians can request the gaming company to allow access to the game for a selected number of hours to which game developers should abide.

A Policy named, 'Fatigue system' (anti-online game) in China is obliged to monitor the gaming time of players and put a limit on it.

One of these policies can be introduced in India also to get effective results.

Rewards on Intermediate time breaks

The system of rewarding the gamers for playing and clearing lengthy stages can be used in other ways also for reducing the continuous hours of playing. They can reward the players for small breaks in between the games. This would help to increase the number of break times without losing their gamers. This system is sustainable and can be implemented widely by gaming companies.

Reducing lengthy stages

Often the tasks provided in the game stages are repetitive and lengthy; require more time to be cleared in one attempt. Hence, the developers can reduce the length of stages by decreasing the number of repetitive tasks like defeating the same enemy many times.

Breaking a very long stage into two or three stages can also prove to be a better option to break the continuity.

So, in the present scenario, there are numerous ways to overcome gaming addiction that can be used by game developers. Moreover, it is the need of time now for game developers to involve in this purpose of reducing gaming addiction.

This will also help in sensitizing the newer generation about the cons of continuous gaming without any break and do gaming for a certain period of time only.


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