What are the Pros and Cons of Videogames on Society

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaJul 28 . 7 min read

Societal changes are a consequence of the habits followed in mass. It can be good or bad, depending on the fact that whether they are spoiling or building society. One of such mass habits is playing Videogames. Numerous questions arise such as what are the Pros and Cons of Videogames on Society, how should videogames be made, coming out as an asset to society, etc. So, it becomes very necessary to map out the

consequences of pros and cons of Videogames. 

Everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, the Advantages and Disadvantages of Videogames are also considerable. Firstly, talking particularly about the positives, Videogames have benefitted many people all over the world in different ways.


Good Effects of Videogames

1.Better Mental Strength

Problem-solving is the crux of any kind of videogame one is playing. They try to make you keep trying, thinking of new methods and creatively to win, and have focused and patience while playing. Puzzle games like Amanita Design( Machinarium, Samoost 3), Bridge Constructor Portal, Faraway 3: Arctic Escape) make you think in different ways to solve one problem. This improves your mental capability to think and react accordingly.

2.Cross Border Friendships

Online gaming in a community(group) is a different experience altogether when you play it with completely new people. Out of the pros and cons of video games, this can be counted as one of the good effects of online games; people get to make friendships in different parts of the world and understanding that good gaming skills are never dependent on one’s geographical location.

Some people criticize this also as being friends with someone completely unknown can have some unpredicted outcomes also. But, out of all the Pros and cons of Videogames, this one can be very helpful for some help who are shy about meeting new people. This can open new windows for them and the impact of Videogames on culture can also be seen through this when people of different cultures meet online.

3.Depression and Anxiety reduction

Sparx is a videogame specially designed to treat depression and stress. The players can make their avatar in the game and fight to end GNATs which is an acronym for ‘gloomy, negative, automatic thoughts’ When players destroy GNATs, they get great learning that these types of thoughts are unreal and never required to live with. These thoughts can be destroyed.

The results were researched by the game creators who are New Zealand-based. They found that 44% of the players of the game who were depressed had recovered out of that 26% who were under medical treatment. The reduction in symptoms of Sparx players was found to be 8% greater than those who were being medically treated.

Some more games like Sea of Solitude, Celeste, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice are specially designed to produce obstacles in the game that just reflect the inside negative character symptoms of the player. Fighting these, players fight the negativity and anxiety inside them and learn how to deal with them. There may be several pros and cons of video games but, this one is counted as one of the pros.


The Advantages and disadvantages of Videogames are various. With the positivity it is spreading in society, there are negative effects also of video games on society.


Cons of Video Games

Overdoing anything can cause bad effects. Some of the aspects related to a videogame also tend to be creating bad effects and subsequently affecting society.

 1.Violence in Videogames

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, Conan Exiles, Dark Souls III: The Ringed City, Dead by Daylight, Friday The 13th: The Game are some of the very famous games that consist of very high usage of guns, weapons, swords, and gore. This does affect the personality and thinking of a person and violence starts standing out as one of the preferences to solve an issue.

People mostly of young age not aware of the pros and cons of video games are prone to these kinds of effects. Aggression in behavior is also seen among gamers playing violent video games for long hours.

2.Gender Biasing

Videogames have shown males to be dominant and heroic playing extraordinarily strong characters while females as waiting to be rescued from a situation or recessive. The clothing style and physicality shown in the game characters are also not so good for females. Most of the game creators portray female characters with a lot of skin show and revealing clothes highlighting this as their strength and styles which is not good.

In games like Tomb Raider, the female character even after being in the lead, was criticized for clothing style. Games like Prince of Persia, Super Mario have shown females to be incapable and waiting for a male character to rescue them. 

This creates a bad impact on the minds of young males as they start finding it normal and expect women to be always needy of help and dressing in revealing clothes to attract them. This is mindset is completely wrong.

Among the pros and cons of video games, this is a big negative effect on societal mindset. 

3.Psycho Games

Some games have proved to be an absolute disaster to society. The game called Blue Whale proved to some children’s parents costlier than their child’s life. The game's final stage instructed users to do suicidal kind of acts. A Japan-based studio game Rapelay was banned soon after its release due to its extremely bad theme and game effects.

Manhunt 2 was also one of the worst games ever and included the theme of gore and snuff porn. It was not even given classification in the UK as it was so bad that could not be rated. Many countries like Germany, New Zealand, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia banned it from being sold.

Postal 2, Custer’s Revenge, The Pokemon Trading Card Game are also some of the games which were never meant to be doing or aiming anything good for society.


Hence, the pros and cons of video games for society are dependent upon the content and thinking of game creators. They have to be sensitive about the final product they are making and its effects on society.

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