Video Games - The Best Escaping Mechanism

Navya SwarupJul 9 . 4 min read

Video Games - The Best Escaping Mechanism

When we return home from a long day at work and want to relax for a while, whether it's by listening to music, watching television, going to the movies, reading, or immersing ourselves in the fascinating world, everything we do is an attempt at escapism. Gaming is just another example of the popular cultures we've created to keep us entertained all the time.  

Some questions arise. First, is gaming actually a form of escapism? Yes, it is. Second, is gaming a widespread or unpleasant practice in which people satisfy their power fantasies? No, it isn't. Gaming is a great way to gain ourselves from the harsh realities of everyday life and a great example of how technology has influenced popular culture. It's more a simple way to pass the time and create new, artistic, and interactive experiences. Gaming is also a form of imaginative expression and an essential tool for digital storytelling. It is cognitively engaging and can force the player to think about or judge particular situations regularly. Video games give a pleasant break from a world of deadlines, stress, difficulties, and responsibilities for many people. They became popular not just because they are exciting and entertaining but also because they are a great way to relax and rest. It and can be used frequently to track our interests. Football and baseball video games are popular among sports experts. Many chess players who can't find enough human opponents will turn to computer chess or turn to online chess players for the challenge. The people who expend themselves in the games for short minutes can celebrate the happiness and release of command. Actually, gamers are in a virtual world that makes sense to them, or we can say it is a place where they can be anyone or whatever they want to be without worrying about how they look or act and without having to face real-life difficulties.

The most effective method of video games is that they have helped many children or youth in coping with depression and preventing them from abusing narcotics or committing suicide. Children or youth can easily distract themselves from the problems they face or from something they cannot cope with by playing any of the games they enjoy or love and forgetting about the issues they are facing at that particular time. Today's youth cannot accept the reality of failure and choose to commit suicide or engage themselves in any drug. Instead of this, they can play video games, which will serve as a more effective distraction than other activities. The fun doesn't have to be a high-fantasy game or one with a compelling story. Even a simple puzzle game that doesn't show a world in the traditional sense could be a welcome distraction from the stresses of everyday life. When we completely immerse ourselves in a video game for a short period, we become all we want to be without caring about others. Video games can quickly escape reality and give a break from the outside world. Even the most complex video games always have a solution to the problems in front of us. Even when bad things happen, and when the answer might not seem like a solution, there's still always some form of progression; either the plot moves forward, or we have to try again. This circumstance isn't always authentic in real life. It's easy to mistake the understandable concerns of a video game for the real troubles we encounter in our daily lives.

Sometimes video games' escapism had become an obstacle in real life which increased our problems. Accepting that the reality we needed to focus on wasn't situated in a fantastic video game, the world and life are more complicated than these phenomenal games. Sure, games are entertaining, and one of their functions is to provide an escape from reality. Still, the capacity to settle into a new world with no consequence on our daily lives is a terrific tool for us to relax without concern about our actions impacting our real lives. Video games give a secure space for us to have fun, learn new skills, and de-stress from our overactive minds. On the other hand, if we use our natures wisely, they are hardly instruments. We risk overlooking and increasing significant difficulties if we become increasingly reliant on this technology. We must remember to keep one foot in the present world as we escape to a different place.

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