Upcoming PC Games In 2022: Best PC Games

Azam TanzeemAug 27 . 6 min read

Upcoming PC Games

2021 wasn't the best year for PC Games. There were great releases this year, but, the Covid-19 pandemic left a lot to be wished for in the PC gaming industry. With PCs getting better and better as time passes by, we can and should only expect the absolute best when it comes to graphics in these new computer games. 2021 was marred with announced games pushed back to a date further than its release date. 

However, as we move onto the new year, it wouldn’t be a crime to be optimistic. New games from seasoned developers, as well as the much-awaited sequels to a lot of classic PC titles, are all announced for the year 2022. Developers are also going to have a field day with massive improvements in graphics with the upcoming gaming consoles, so you can expect the titles to roll on over to PCs as well. On this list, I’ll be covering the best upcoming PC games that you should consider saving up for.

Elden Ring

From Developers, FromSoftware, Elden Ring is expected to drop around the third week of January. Although FromSoftware released Sekiro which is considered as an enthralling action-packed title, it has been around 5 years since they have released an only-RPG based title. Elden Ring is based on mythology, so, for those fascinated by the tales of the distant past, this game is a go-to.

Another thing to note is that vital changes with the progression of particular characters are also expected, this, coupled along with FromSoftware’s trademark dungeon design and RPG goes to show why fans are pretty hyped for this game. 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction

Expected to drop around January’22, this game has caused a stir among age-old fans. Expectations are sky-high for this co-op shooter, and it’ll take some doing for it to live up to these expectations. This mode of shooting-action might be familiar to older fans but as the title attracts more fans, it is working on moving on a different path and, we can only hope this pays off as the rewards may be huge. All these reasons together make Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction one of the most awaited upcoming PC games of 2022.

Stalker 2

Developed by GSC Studios, this game is going all-in with the game being based on supernatural phenomena and a crazy adventure filled with fright and terror. The trailer was intriguing, to say the least, and it caused a stir of excitement in the gaming crowd. Eleven years ago, the prequel to the game was released and it didn’t quite knock people off their seats, but, with the advancement in technology and game-engines, hopes for Stalker 2 to be successful is at an all-time high, so let’s hope GSC blow our minds away. So, make sure you have your best non-mechanical keyboards and mouses ready so that, nothing is going to stop you from experiencing the best version of this upcoming PC game.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Do you like playing with LEGOs? Do you also love the idea of futuristic sci-fi games? If you do, then I have astounding news for you. George Lucas has stormed back into the sci-fi world with this new addition to the LEGO series. You can explore the vast and extensive space and it wouldn’t be surprising if we’re all in awe with the visuals by the time the game releases in January. Keep your eyes on this one.

Suicide Squad

Deadshot, King Shark, Captain Boomerang and the stunning Harley Quinn return to the DC gaming world to take down one of their arch nemeses, Superman, by the looks of it. This switch-up could prove to be a game-changer and it could be the push that developers, Rocksteady needs to get the ball rolling. A lot of guns along with similar melee combat, as seen in previous instalments are expected as well. Other exciting features include a co-op mode along with being able to play on a single-player mode. 


This game revolves around an interstellar vibe coupled along with fantasy elements in it. The game comes with high expectations as it has been quite a while since the last Fallout title, so, we’re hoping for the best, as developers, Bethesda, sure do know a thing or two about making games of this genre. Keep this on your watchlist as we expect this to be one of the best upcoming PC games in 2022.

The Callisto Protocol

Developed by Striking Distance, The Callisto Protocol has a really interesting storyline, as, it is set in the future, 300 years into the future, to be precise, in a so-called “PUBG universe”. Time will only tell how the game fares but, expect a lot of spooky content with a bunch of aliens and creatures in them to give you the creeps and shudders. It also needs to be noted that the game is based on a story and can only be played on a single-player mode. Exciting!

Ark 2

Not a lot is known about this sequel to the original title “Ark” but what is known is the fact that a star-studded cast is present, including Vin Diesel and others. Developers, Studio Wildcard have confirmed that this game will be an online multiplayer even though the trailer was pretty story-driven. Time will only tell what the game is about, but we’re thrilled to play this game when it drops around Spring’22.

To wrap up, all these upcoming PC games are a testament to the fact that the year 2022 is going to be an exciting one for PC gamers. A bunch of exciting titles from veterans along with new and upcoming developers will only bring competition to the gaming industry which is very much welcomed. More titles are yet to be confirmed so don’t be surprised if your favourite developer goes on to announce a new game in the coming future, we’re hoping this happens too. We’re all looking forward to 2022 after a gloomy 2021, and, these fascinating titles hopefully provide us with a new start!

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