Top 10 WWE Games To Play

Azam TanzeemSep 1 . 6 min read

All of us at one point in our lives would have heard of WWE. An iconic wrestling-based company, we also might be guilty of having tried some wrestling moves either alone, or on someone else. Although the golden era of the WWE might have come to an end, the gaming industry keeps churning out WWE games for its fans. 

On this list ill be covering the best WWE games you can play right now. These games vary from WWE games for free to console-based games. 

Let’s get right into it!

#10 WWE 2K14

This is WWE’s first 2K video game, and the results are great. Its excellent graphics and rich roster pushed the game to new heights, which made the game exciting. The game is very detailed and the story mode is very interesting. With excellent new gaming technology, this proved to be a real success and started a fruitful relationship with 2K. this is one of the best WWE games on PS3, PS4 and Xbox. 

#9 Smackdown Vs. Raw: Battle of The Brands Begins

The Smackdown vs. Raw received a multitude of positive reviews the brand division took place around this time and this is when fans chose their sides, WWE Raw, the long-time WWE flagship project, or WWE Smackdown, an emerging talent show. Smackdown vs Raw makes full use of the WWE brand's war marketing method and the competition between the two shows. Although this game has its shortcomings, it still makes up for it with advanced gameplay mechanics and laid the path for customizable options in future instalments. This is an instant classic and makes it one of the best WWE games of all time.

#8 WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It 

WWF strikes out! Just Bring It is one of the WWE video games and is considered a classic game. No wonder it is rated as one of the best games. With a huge list and 60 different game types, this game benefits from a wide variety. To this day, this game is still widely played due to its varying roster.

#7 WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth

Including in a good, meaningful story mode has always been a shortcoming that modern WWE games failed to address with their new and upcoming releases. This is largely correct, but it doesn’t apply for WWE Smackdown! Shut your mouth. 

This classic PS2 game is highly respected for its advanced story mode, where players can choose a list and choose their path through the WWE hierarchy. A lot of fans, to this day, are hopeful that a game like this releases shortly. This just goes to show how this is one of the best WWE games of all time!

#6 WWE '13

The next up on the list is WWE `13, which proved to be a wonderful video game. Character creation has always been an important part of WWE games, and WWE 13 does a better job than most other titles on this list. The graphics of the game are excellent. And a humongous roster here brings together a large number of current legends and talents, which can truly open the stage of the "dream game" more than ever. What makes all this all the better is the fact that you can download this WWE game for free now!

#5 WWE 2K16

WWE 2k16 was a huge improvement over its predecessor, 2K15. After WWE 2K15 received a negative response, fans were on the verge of abandoning the WWE 2K series of games. Developers, Yuke spared no effort to improve as much as possible from his previous parts and succeeded in most different aspects. 

However, the best thing about 2K16 is not the enhanced or added type of match. An overcrowded roster of over 120 characters makes this game stand out. Through the introduction of numerous NXT superstars, some much-needed diversity has been added to the old roster of playable talents, making this entry particularly prominent.

WWE 2K download couldn’t get easier as a lot of websites on the internet offer you the opportunity to get this game for free! 

#4 WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2009

Now, we move onto the iconic WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw games Smackdown vs Raw 2007 is the first WWE game in history to be ported from PS2 to Xbox 360. By doing so, it allowed more people to participate in some of the best games the series has to offer. 

 This particular entry has absorbed the perks of the previous entry and has been modified just enough to make it feel novel, but retains the essence that makes it feel so unique. 

#3 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011

All of you have probably heard about WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, that is just how exemplary it was in the gaming industry. Enjoyed by the youth and old alike, this game was a massive hit and we don’t have anything to dispute this. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 allows players to enhance their gaming experience in this dynamic WWE instalment more than ever. During this process, the game scene will change based on the player's decision, allowing for more spontaneous actions in and out of the ring. 

#2 WWF No Mercy

Following the success of Wrestlemania 2000, this addition to the series offered fans just enough to keep them interested for the years to come. WWF No Mercy is a Nintendo 64 exclusive and is very popular with fans of the series because it allows them to create pay-per-views, enter new types of competition, or participate in the new and improved season mode that year. There are around 65 superstars in the game, excluding hidden characters, which were already many at the time.

#1 WWE 2K19

The older titles in the series are highly regarded for their absurd and often over-exceeded atmosphere, 2K19 developer Yukes took these games seriously and creates something that both die-hard and casual fans can get behind. WWE 2K19 is by far the best game in the WWE 2K series, with everything from weird game types, excellent lists and crazy and interesting gameplay. Unfortunately, the series could not keep up with the momentum after it. This game proved to be a masterpiece and it showed in the numerous positive reviews it claimed. 

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