Top 10 Cool PC Accessories For Gaming You Must Try

Azam TanzeemAug 27 . 7 min read

Are you looking for cool gaming stuff to enhance your gaming experience? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve compiled a list of cool PC accessories that you must consider getting for yourself. These gadgets range from showy lights to the craziest adapters which you have never even heard of!


10. An RGB Gaming Mouse

A true PC gamer needs a nice mouse! What better mouse can you get than a mouse from the Lenovo Legion M 200 series. They are dependable, durable, not that expensive and looks great to the eye. This mouse also has a lightweight feature that can be customized to any colour you want. It also has 7 programmable mouse buttons, 4 default DPI levels, and a seven colour circulating backlight. All these features make this mouse a cool PC accessory to have in possession. The players in your home will be in awe of these features, even if you aren’t fully aware of what this means.


9. RGB LED Strips

If you have built your gaming headquarters in the past few years, you may already have some RGB PC components. But if your build still does not have enough RGB to meet your needs, you can add some RGB lights to enhance the lighting effect. Having RGB lighting can take your gaming setup to the next level in terms of looks and is a cool PC accessory to have. Remember, you can never have too much RGB lighting!

The soft lighting of Phanteks Neon RGB LED strips is much appreciated. They are directly connected to the motherboard's 5V 3-pin ARGB connector for full lighting control. If your motherboard is older and does not have these connectors, you might need a controller hub to connect and control them on your own.


8. PC Panel

What you are reading about currently is an Audio controller with a very basic and simple maple structure. There are four aluminium wheels at the front, which feels very solid, all wheels have a dial function and button function. The USB 2.0 cable is not braided, but it is very long and can be connected to your PC. The idea behind the PC Panel is to give you many volume control functions and thanks to these buttons give you additional macro customization. In the PC Panel controller software, you can select the button customization function of each volume control, so that you can use the media controls to perform certain operations, select different input devices, and set different shortcuts for each application. In the Marks tab, you can control the volume of the application, the volume of the focus, or the volume of the device. When it comes to the volume of the entire desktop ecosystem (whether it is a device or an application), this allows you to have a lot of control through this PC Panel device, making this a cool gaming accessory to have.


7. Custom GPU Backplate

The GPU backplane is a custom-cut acrylic plate that can be easily installed on the graphics card. The flat surface allows the large canvas to showcase the attractive design of your choice, and as a plus-point, it provides a slight amount of protection for your GPU as well.

 V1 Tech produces its GPU backplates and its design is unique. It’s fully customizable as well, which allow you to upload your graphics or images. Some suppliers also provide exquisite backplanes without the lights.


6. Noise Cancelling Mic-Adapter

In the situation of a pandemic, we are all confined to our homes, and, as a result, video calls and conferences have become common to take place. Due to this, the need for a good microphone arises. If you live in an environment which naturally louder than usual or if you are a gamer who talks often, then, this cool PC/video game accessory will be a life-saver for you.

This Adapter allows you to run the background noise cancellation function to eliminate unwanted noise in the microphone audio. It works with any 3.5mm headphone, as long as it has a 4-pole TRRS connector, or you can just plug in a separate microphone. Since this device has a USB C connection or USB A adapter, you can connect it to a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Another factor contributing to this universal compatibility is that it has no drivers, so you can just plug it in and start playing right away. Interestingly, even if you plug it in, it won't recognize it in the driver software until you plug your microphone or headphones into the jack.


5. GPU support brace

If you suffer from a GPU drop or worry, you should consider purchasing a GPU support brace. These braces connect to the PCI slot under the graphics card and physically support it from below.

 Some products such as Uphere's GPU Brace are stylish and simple, purely for this job. As you might have guessed, others have their designs and RGB lights, this is another way to add some vitality to your brace.


4. Corsair iCUE NEXUS

The Corsair iCUE NEXUS is a touch screen keyboard/desktop accessory, you can connect it to the Corsair keyboard, or you can put it on its docking station and place it on the desktop. This is one of the best PC accessories I have come across in recent times. What is hardware-related is the software that makes this great. There are different buttons for shortcuts and volume customization, etc. You can also add system statistics to show GPU temperature, CPU load, CPU temperature, memory usage, etc. If you have other iCUE devices connected to your system, you can light up, so you can integrate everything without entering iCUE. You can create multiple pages with your widgets and buttons, all of which can be customized in terms of text, colour, and size. The resolution is not bad, especially when viewed from a distance. However, a point to note is that the viewing angles aren’t great, there is no problem when you sit in front of it, but the view from the sides are abysmal.


3. Sleeved cable extensions

Do you look at your desk and scoff at the number of cables lying around? Luckily, with the help of these cable extensions, your desk will seem a whole lot cleaner and sophisticated.

These cable extension cords have a nice sheath, uniform colour, and almost always come with a cable comb to keep them straighter. Prices vary depending on the wire thickness and colour options.

CableMod has been one of the leading sellers in this field for some time, and their Classic series is an excellent entry-level product to consider. This is a cool PC accessory to have in your possession as it organises things in a great manner.


2. Fan filters

If you find that your computer is often covered with dust, you may benefit from checking fan settings and adding air filters. Rather than dusting the case every week, install these cheap fan filters to trap dust before it enters the system. These aluminium meshes are directly connected to the fan in the chassis, and the effect is surprisingly good, making it a must-have and (literally) cool PC accessory, especially if you are in a dusty environment.




1. Vertical GPU mount

Vertical GPUs look aesthetic and are quite simple to add to your gear, yet, they are one of the coolest PC accessories one can have in their possession. Products like the Phanteks GPU adapter board will occupy all your PCI slots to place your GPU vertically and include an adapter board cable to connect it to your motherboard. Behind the GPU, the usually less attractive rear part will be completely hidden, and your GPU fan will be revealed through the side window of the case. This looks especially impressive when the GPU has lights or complicated designs on the fan side, making this a really cool PC accessory to have.

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