Top 10 Best Wireless Gamepad for PC in 2021

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaAug 25 . 7 min read

PC gaming is always an unmatchable experience and to enhance this experience, Gamepads play a vital role. Playing by keyboard buttons or mouse makes you feel constricted and your hands are also not comfortable enough to play freely. Hence, Wireless gamepads for PC play an integral part in gaming and are completely user-friendly.

Here is a list of the top 10 Wireless gamepads for PC :

1.Microsoft X Box wireless controller

This wireless game controller for pc from Xbox is just the device to go for without any second thought. The connectivity option is through Bluetooth. It has a 3.5mm stereo headset and two batteries of AA size can be replaced. The directional pad is very sensitive and improved. The shoulder bumpers make your grip firm and comfortable for long gaming sessions.

It can also be customized using Xbox Design Lab and is budget-friendly for any game lover. The option for wide-range connectivity adds to the user-friendly experience making it the best wireless gamepad for PC.

2.Sony DualShock 4

This mini machine is a special one with a special feature. It has motion control capabilities with a touchpad and a 3.5mm headset. Sony has offered connectivity with all the games on Steam with this gamepad. The exposed shoulders protect it from getting bumped directly to any hard surface.

It has a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer to detect the motions precisely. Each button on the controller is completely programmable. It is the best controller offered by Sony, runs on 1 Lithium-ion battery, and surprises you with its overall look also.

3.8Bitdo Pro 2

It is a controller with completely classic like and is a great option for playing classic games on your PC. It gives you a mammoth 20 hours of gaming battery life and supports motion controls also. The customization options are also numerous like trigger actuation depth, button remapping and weapon use most precisely. 

You can play on a wide range of platforms with this and you can for wired playing also if you like. There are two back paddles that keep your thumbs stuck on the analog sticks. It is of Nintendo style but customization helps you to personalize.

4.Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad

Redgear manages to come on the list with this gamepad having exclusive features. This wireless pc controller can let you have 2 hours of uninterrupted gaming on 30 minutes of charge. The best thing about this wireless gamepad for PC is that you can reset the gamepad if there is any button disorder or it is not connecting. 

The Illuminated keys on the back provide you with the feature to see in low light conditions also. It comes with two dongles mounted making it perfect for both hands use. Hence, it is a good option to go for any player and doesn’t impact much on your pocket also.

5.Easy SMX Wireless Game controller

This is a gamepad having the widest range of connections compared to any of the gamepads. Every bit of it is customizable like the brightness of LED lights and the intensity of vibrations. It is great for gaming on steam and runs on 2AA size batteries. It has a perfect weight balance, has very responsive sensors, and is extremely comfortable in hands. 

It is provided with a 2.4GHz wireless connectivity option and has the most stable signal while playing making it one of the best wireless PC controllers.

6.ORDA Wireless Gamepad

This is a wireless gamepad for PC having ergonomics and sleek mini light bar looks also. It is sweatproof and has dual shock motors. The gamepad buttons are very sensitive, have an on-device audio jack, vibration feedback. It has a sharing button and comes with batteries that are rechargeable. It comes in various beautiful colour combinations and is compatible with most PCs.

The controller is more like a PS4 style controller and brings you a great gaming experience added with anti-slip material for holding the gamepad firmly. It is also a budget-friendly gamepad for anyone.

7.Gamesir PC Game Controller

This wireless PC controller has massive gameplay support of up to 5hours with a rechargeable battery. It has dual vibrations and configurable M buttons for macros. It has a futuristic look with LED backlights and a semi-transparent cover.

Games can be played on Mac and iOS also with this gaming pad. It marks the presence of Game sir in this list with the impeccable combination of battery life and great connectivity range of up to 2.4GHz.

8.Astro C40 TR

It has a big battery life of up to 12 hours. It has D-Pad modules, rear buttons, and a replaceable analog stick. It has a 2.4GHz connectivity and is performance-ready for serious gamers. It is customizable for both hardware and software in the gamepad. The wireless gamepad for PC usage has highly durable and very lightweight.

It has a 3.5mm audio jack and comes with a travel case having sufficient space to carry a screwdriver, a USB cable, and a wireless USB transmitter. The company is offering 6 months of warranty coverage on the product.

9.Valve Steam Controller

Earlier there used to come Joystick controller for PC but, with time design has changed immensely and Valve steam controller is one such example. It is for an advanced form of gaming but very simple in design. The controller comes with an integration option on Steam. The trackpad on the controller allows playing those games also which are played using mouse and keyboard.

It can also be customized up to a good extent and offering you compatibility on those games also which are not designed for controller support with precise control over the motions. It uses one Lithium Polymer battery to run and is extremely lightweight.

10.Steel Series Stratus XL 6950 Wireless Gaming Controller

This has a wide range of compatibility, from android to windows. It has Home and Back buttons for a seamless gaming experience. It has Hall Effect magnetic triggers and over 20 hours of battery life. It does not vibrate but does support over 5000 games on Steam. While charging also you can keep playing on the controller and it can be paired with VR also.

It has Microsoft’s xinput and direct input that can be used on different platforms. The company offers two years of warranty support also.


So, the wireless gamepads for PC are a must-buy thing and you must not think twice if you don’t want to compromise on your gaming experience.

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