Top 10 Best Websites to Download Pirated/Cracked Games for PC

Azam TanzeemSep 3 . 7 min read

This article is for you gamers. Do you constantly ask yourselves where to download cracked PC games from? All gamers love gaming, but do you know what they love even more? Free games. Games that are normally paid and difficult to download because of their humongous storage sizes are often overlooked because a lot of gamers can’t afford to spend lots of money on frequent titles releasing almost every week in the gaming industry. There is also a risk of contracting viruses when downloading from websites that aren’t secure. Hence, there is a need for safe, private websites where games can be downloaded for free. 

We, however, do not condone or support any illegal activities that might take after the derivation of information from this article. This article is aimed to only provide information and nothing else. 

Here is our list of the 10 best websites to download cracked games for free.

#10 Heinzo

You can download hundreds of the most popular PC online games for free, and most importantly, the games available on the Hienzo website. You will get the full version. It is quite hard and tedious to download pirated games because the games included are derived from various file hosts, such as tusfiles, macro creator, etc. However, the Hienzo website also provides you with a walkthrough on how to make the task much easier. 

This website also has PS and PSP games, as well as other emulator games. Regarding the appearance of the website, the Hienzo website itself is very simple and clean, with instructions such as game installation guides, please contact the administrator to report any bugs in the game.

This makes Heinzo one of the best, if not, the best websites to download pirated games

#9 Tasik Game

The Tasik Game website isn’t the most liked website by gamers. Tasik Game website allows you to download pirated games, from light PC games to PS1 games, there are complete downloading procedures. 

However, a major shortcoming when using this website is, foreign games usually are the only free games. If you are interested in downloading, Tasik Game will set the price. On the other hand, the look and feel of the Tasik Game website seem to be very small, with a dominant combination of black, red, and white backgrounds, which makes Tasik Game like its website. The advertisements that appear are also a bit annoying for visitors to this website.

#8 Giga Purbalingga

The website is one of the best websites to go to if you are in search of cracked games. The motto of Giga Purbalinga is "Software for free download and full version of the game", it offers thousands of software and games to download, including cracks and versions year after year, and even the latest. Giga Purbalinga also offers tutorials, such as downloading game tutorials to operating software tutorials. 

Because it is a legendary site, Giga Purbalinga is very good in terms of the appearance of the website. The color scheme shown looks "cool" and is easy to attract attention. Still, the menus on this website are neatly organized and easy to find. Don't forget that there is also a list of the latest software or games. Because of this, this makes Giga one of the go-to websites to download the best cracked pc games.

#7 Skidrow

Skidrow is one of the most comprehensive and free or paid cracked games download sites, offering a variety of games of different genres. Due to the choice of black as the main color and the image of the war game as the background, the appearance of this website looks very serious, which adds to the action impression of this website. this is arguably the best website to download pirated games.

Although Skidrow offers various types of games, the site is not up-to-date enough to provide its visitors with the latest features. Most importantly, another disadvantage of Skidrow is that there are a lot of advertisements when we open this website.

#6 Ocean of Games

there are many full versions of PC cracked games, at most a complete variety of RIPs, that can be downloaded for free. The website is developed by a British software company called Ocean Software. Provides connectivity through community forums, where all players can meet new friends and chat, even while playing games. 

The website also provides a feature that can automatically challenge other players, be it a friend or a stranger who is online at the same time. The Ocean of ​​Games Has No Advantage, the advertisements that appear when we open this website add to our inconvenience when searching for PC game downloads. another shortcoming is that some people use the community forum to harass and harm other players, and the ocean of games isn’t strict with its community rules.

#5 Apunka Games

Apunka Games provides many full versions and full RIP cracked games that can be downloaded for free. There are also next-generation games for lightweight PC games. The difference between Apunka Games and other online or offline game download sites is that we can quickly find lightweight games suitable for our computers or laptops. 

 Apunka Games uses Mediafire as a game storage area, so the download speed of each game is beyond doubt. To know how to download, they also provide tutorials using videos and text, which will make it easier for you.

#4 Ova Games

The OvaGames website offers various types of cracked games, from PC action games to action-shooter games, that you can download and play with or without an internet connection. One of the advantages of the ova game is the Facebook fan page, which is attached to your website to interact with users. This page handles game requests that are loaded later to help players resolve issues during game installation or website access. Therefore, OvaGames is a dependable website.

#3 Cracked Game

Not only can we download cracked games, but we are also able to download cracked software for free. The advantage of the website cracking game lies in the direct connection to Discord's chat function. Compared with other free online and offline game download sites, we can see a modern catalog here. Only pop-up advertisements interfere with the convenience of opening this website. This is also arguably the best site to download PC games for free - full crack.

#2 Blackbox Repack

Blackbox Repacks cracked games are one of the most popular websites ever. They provide many types of PC games with rules. If you want to download the best cracked pc games from this site, you must read these rules. One of the shortcomings of this website is the vast number of advertisements. Visitors to the website will also find it difficult to distinguish between download links and advertising links. This makes Blackbox one of the, if not, the best site to download PC games for free - full crack

#1 Origin Game

The next site where you can quickly download PC games and full versions (offline or online) for free is Origin Game. Origin game is the go-to place for the latest games today. Many paid games can be downloaded for free on this website. Therefore, if you want classic and advanced games, you should visit this website. 

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