Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Mac OS

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaAug 16 . 8 min read

Apple consumers have their own set of favorites for everything and going in the line, some games on Mac OS are also the most loved ones. They have different reasons to be liked but some of them are liked by both players and reviewers as well. So, the best strategy games for Mac OS can be ranked also as:

1.     Rise of the Tomb Raider

The game is a sequel to Stellar Tomb Raider Reboot (2013) developed by Crystal Dynamics. The game already has a huge fan base on other platforms and now on Mac also. The situation is placed in Yamatai to find out the lost city of Kitezh. It is a game loved by all Mac users and reviewed to be one of the best games on Mac.

2.     World of Warcraft

WoW, developed by Wizard Entertainment, has been a favorite of many for around 10 years. The game gets more interesting when you reach higher levels and it becomes tougher to win. It now supports Metal also and the Mac version is just fun to play.

It has also won various game awards like the VGX award for best PC Game, VGX Award for Best RPG, VGX Award for Most Addictive Video Game.

3.     Civilization V

This is one of the best strategy games developed by Firaxis Gamer, Aspyr (Mac). It comes with options of choosing age from stone-age to the space-age. You have to make the strategy to complete your quest of winning the empire. Its interface is very easy and gets you liking in the first go and can be played on steam also.

4.     Tropico 5

Developed by Haemimont Games, it can be played both in single-player as well as multi-player mode and can be downloaded also. It has tasks to construct and build a city and correct the wrongs in the city by constructing correctly. The usage of strategy-making skills makes it rank in the list of best strategy games for mac OS.

5.     Total War: Shogun 2

It is a game developed by Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive having a Japanese theme and the quest to beat the army and win the city. You will be a clan leader in the game and then, you have to defeat other cleans and take over the city of Kyoto and for a new Shogunate. The wardrobe for the characters is just amazing and new. It takes you completely into the game and forms a winning strategy.

The game is also awarded the BAFTA Games Award for Strategy.

6.     Disco Elysium

You will be playing detective in the game and solve a murder mystery by recalling the older events. It was also named ‘game of the year’ by many publications. In 2020, a television adaption was also announced based on the game theme which was written and designed by Robert Kurvitz, an Estonian Novelist.

It has several awards like the NEBULA Award for Game Writing, The Game Award for Best Narrative, BAFTA Games Award for Debut Game, and some more.

7.     Warzone

It is a turn-based strategy game that plays a vital role in your win or loss. The game is hugely popular for multiplayer gaming and is customizable also, i.e., you can make any changes and settings in the game as per your likings. This surely is one of the best strategy games for Mac and includes a variety of cards like creating different effects Airlift Card, Blockade Card, Spy card, Diplomacy card.

Moreover, it is free for all types of games. Be it any stage, you don’t have to pay anything to play either with a single player or multi-players.

8.     Total War: ATTILA

If you want to have a real war-like experience with emotional ups and downs in the war alongside a good gaming experience, this is the game for you. You also have to manage and decide about which direction your army’s movement should be. If you lose in the game, your authoritative powers decrease and you need to win again to gain powers.

It also makes you understand how people were bound to move and migrate to new places because of disease, famine, climate change, military defeat, and some other reasons also. The game proves to be challenging even at low levels of difficulty.

9.     Europa Universalis V

Here, you have to be taking control of one of the seven nations in Europe. Several historical events will be taking place in the game-deciding further events and situations for the player. Rebellions also arise in the game reason being differences in the religion followed in the state and the province. The game has very good reviews and all requirements to be among the best strategy games for Mac, also tracing the historic realism.

10. Company of Heroes 2

You have to assemble a unit under you by winning different flag points. You will have to capture the flag points and then, your army can stay in the building present in the city you captured. The Cold-Tech weather simulation system plays a vital role in deciding the weather of the Eastern front and may affect the soldiers also as some may suffer from Frostbite and die.

The game promises all kinds of mixed feelings with emotion to form and keep winning to establish your control.

Not included in the top 10 list, but Pubg mac OS game and Pubg lite mac OS game are also among the top contenders for best strategy game for Mac.


Best Steam games for Mac

Steam is an online platform to play games available on Mac also. The games on Steam for Mac have a great storyline and take the player in-game. Some of the best steam games for Mac are:

  1. Metro Exodus

The story starts in 2036 and you will be again in the role of Artyom. A Nuclear Disaster has happened and those who are left, are trying to survive their life. You will be in the role of a shooter in the game trying to save a family.

2.     The Return of Obra Dinn

It is a puzzle game in which you will be in the role of Insurance Investigator and working on an old Ship about the calamity that happened on the Ship.

3.     War Thunder

The game is about a military war played online. You won’t be shooting with guns and running on feet but a combat vehicle. Different countries are represented to be fighting in the game.

4.     Hitman

This is a stealth game in which you will be going through different situations hiding your body, setting a target to hit, and using your environment around to take over the situation.


Free Horror Games for Mac

Some of the good free games for mac of Horror genre are The Witch’s House, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Soma, Big Shock Remastered, Layers of Fear, Outlast. These involve strategy making also just like games in the list of best strategy games for mac. Games are very scary games and popular among the gamers preferring this type of games only.


Some more free multiplayer games for Mac are Mayhem Cars 2, Eggnogg+, Mindustry, Last Man Standing, Chair Up, Capsule Wars, Fiscal Jesters, Widelands, Mindtest, Pikwip. These games can be full of fun for people preferring to play in groups.


For more references, you can also visit itch.io, macworld.co.uk, imore.com

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