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Azam TanzeemSep 11 . 8 min read

Linux and gaming are proving to be a winning mix for Linux fans and gamers alike.

Many games from well-known creators are now available on the Linux platform. However, games from well-known companies ensure one thing: a high price tag and some games are quite pricey. So now I'm going to show you the top ten free Linux games.

Gaming on Linux has grown easier and easier as of 2021. Many AAA games that were initially exclusively available for Windows or even macOS have been tweaked to run on Linux. To appeal to this increasing community of Linux gamers, developers have begun to create better Linux gaming distros.

Linux gaming distros are designed to provide users with a Linux basis for hassle-free gaming. These distributions are all free, user-friendly, and dependable, and they don't even require a reboot after an update.

So, why are game developers working on Linux games? It's simple: they want to make their games available on Stadia and use the low-memory Linux OS to improve gaming performance and experience.

When it comes to gaming, Linux may be quicker than Windows and macOS while maintaining the same PC configuration! However, using Linux may necessitate some knowledge on your part.

On this list I’ll be covering the best free Linux games you can play right now:

Free Linux games on steam

#10 Dota 2

This is one of the top Linux games and here is why: Many of you will be unsurprised to see that Dota 2 is at the top of the list. No game can take its place at the top, and you will not find any gaming-related site that does not mention this extremely popular game. Dota 2 is a free version of one of the most popular battle arena games available for Linux. Steam publishes Dota 2, which is one of the most popular games on the market. This game, which is part of eSport tournaments, provides you with the opportunity to play against elite gamers from across the world. Aside from being a great title, it is also one of the leading Linux mint games!

Valve is adding new features and material to the game regularly to keep it fresh and entertaining, this makes Dota 2 one of the best free Linux games.

#9 Super Tux Kart

Super Tux Kart is a kart racing game for Linux and its version is completely free to play. It's an open-source arcade racing game with several game modes, characters, and tracks. While playing, the gameplay is extremely realistic and enjoyable. These aren’t the only reasons why this game is one of the best free Linux games. 

There is also a storey mode in which you must face the Nolok and vanquish him to keep the kingdom secure. There's also a time trial option where you may compete against yourself to see who can beat your best time. Out of all the available Linux multiplayer games, this might be the pick of the bunch, in my opinion.

Tux, a courageous penguin, and Super Tux Kart's hero, is one of the game's three major protagonists. Gnu, Tux's tutor, is the second character, while Nolok, the villain, is the third. As you may know already, Super Tux Kart is one of the best open-source Linux games as well!

#8 UFO: Alien Invasion

Prepare to combat Aliens and prevent Earth from falling under their domination. UFO: Alien Invasion is a squad-based strategy game based on the X-COM franchise. Geoscape and tactical modes are available in the game. This is one of the Best Free Linux Games not only because of this, but It's also pretty interesting, and it'll keep you interested in the game with difficulties from time to time throughout gaming, especially in tactical mode, when you'll be in charge of the squad.

#7 Unknown Horizons

In my opinion, this is one of the Best Free Linux Games. Do you enjoy city-building games that start with the economy? Then I've got a unique real-time economy simulator and city-building game in store for you. Unknown Horizons is a 2D simulation game that includes aspects such as urban planning, commodity management, diplomacy, commerce, strategy, and exploration.

It's an interesting game in which you may start from zero and create a high-profile metropolis by discovering new islands, trading routes, and diplomatic methods to increase your city's wealth.

#6 Team Fortress 2

This one is for fans of first-person shooter games. Valve created and released Team Fortress 2, a popular first-person shooter video game. Although Team Fortress 2 is a free video game, the developers continue to provide updates with new gameplay features regularly.

Even if you're new to the game, thorough instruction and offline practice options ensure a smooth transition. Capture the Flag, Control Point, Payload, Arena, King of the Hill, and many other game types are available. All these features are put together to make it one of the Best Free Linux Games.

#5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO for short, is another fantastic Valve Corporation game. It's a free first-person shooter accessible on a variety of platforms, including Steam for Linux. CS in general is one of the best series of all time, and the fact that this is available on Linux makes it one of the Best Free Linux Games as well.

The game was first published in 2012, and Valve Corporation has been releasing substantial upgrades every year since then. The game is also highly popular among esports players, and it is played in a variety of events throughout the year.

#4 Mari0

Every gamer has undoubtedly played a popular Mario game throughout his childhood. Nintendo produced and released the original Super Mario Bros, and Mari0 is a recreation of that game with minor changes thanks to Valve.

Mari0 includes a portal gun that can be used to shoot portals, a 4-player synchronous coop with each player having their portal gun, 33 different hats, game modifications, a level editor, and plenty more features.

#3 Naev

Naev is a free-to-play space exploration, trading, and combat game accessible on Steam. The goal is to travel around the galaxy, accomplish tasks, and exchange for cash.

During gameplay, you may explore a vast galaxy with hundreds of planets and moons, as well as purchase and modify a variety of spaceships. Because the game is open-source, you can apply multiple modes and reproduce them. Don’t you think Naev is one the best free Linux games too?

#2 World of Warships: Transformers

Do you want to play one of the Best Free Linux Games? World of Warships: Transfers is another free-to-play game for Linux that can be found on the Steam marketplace. To battle the adversaries, you command one of the 300 famous warships from WWI and WWII, such as the Lowa, Bismarck, and Yamato. 

You may play this game alone or in multiplayer mode with your pals. Combats and engagements necessitate your whole attention; otherwise, you may be bombarded by enemies at any time. Ship modules, camouflages, flags, and other choices are available to personalize your fleet.

#1 Albion

Albion is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based in a fantasy setting set in the Middle Ages. Armour and weaponry are well-suited to each player's style of play. Every object in the game, from basic tools to formidable weaponry, may be created and modified by players.

To increase your riches, you may also purchase, sell, and trade with other players at the local marketplace. This is one of the greatest Linux games with excellent gaming features. You may claim territory and get access to fantastic riches during the conflict. These features altogether, make this game one of the Best Free Linux Games ever.

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The links to download these games are given below. Have fun!

Dota 2:


Super Tux Kart:


UFO: Alien Invasion


Unknown Horizons 2: 


Team Fortress 2:


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: https://store.steampowered.com/app/730/CounterStrike_Global_Offensive/





World of Warships: Transformers:




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