Top 10 Best Free Games on Microsoft store [updated 2021]

Azam TanzeemSep 1 . 7 min read

You are probably reading this article because you aren’t the biggest gamer out there, or, you probably just want to play something low-key that doesn’t require a lot of graphical power. 

On this list, I’ll be covering the top 10 best games on the Microsoft store from a variety of genres that you can play on your PC right now, ranging from racing games to action-packed shooting games as well as having games meant for kids to adults, which can directly be downloaded from the Microsoft store. 

This list isn’t numbered in any way and each game is great on its own, so, let’s get right into the list!

#10 Minecraft: Story Mode 

All of you must have heard about Minecraft at least once before in your lives, that is how big of a name Minecraft has made for itself in the past few decades. They’re a staple name in the gaming industry and it isn’t by coincidence. Minecraft: Story Mode is based on the original Minecraft game and adds a story to it. It begins with the introduction of the character and then goes directly to the story. Although it looks like it was created for kids, there is also a lot of humor in the game, which can satisfy anyone, regardless of age. The name alone makes this one of the best games on the Microsoft store. 


#9 Asphalt 9: Legends

When you say racing games, the Asphalt series is one of the first names that comes to your mind isn’t it? Well, that is a result of the wonderful games they have made in the past and they continue to do so, as seen with this instalment, Asphalt 9. The game welcomes you with a long list of real cars made by manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini. Asphalt 9: Legends has in excess of 70 different tracks distributed in real-world locations from the US of A to the Himalayas, so you won’t ever need to get worried about getting bored. You can play in career mode and complete more than 60 seasons and 800 games, or you can compete with up to 7 players in real-time in World-Series multiplayer mode. All this makes sure that asphalt 9 is one of the best games on the Microsoft store as well as one of the best free multiplayer games on the Microsoft store. 

#8 Forza Motorsport 6: Apex

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is a free game with gorgeous visuals. You can race against a variety of exceptional cars, including muscle cars, GTs, track toys, prototypes, and supercars. There are six maps inspired by real-world circuits and the races are played around the clock. The game uses DirectX and has quite high system requirements, but its visual quality proves it. 4K is an option as well! The free version of the game is great, but it makes you want more, and to access all the content, you need to buy the premium version. Fortunately, this does not cost as much as other similar games.


#7 Microsoft Minesweeper

It’s almost impossible to not have heard of Minesweeper, which is one of Microsoft’s oldest free games. It is a puzzle game that is over 20 years old. The Windows 10 version includes classic games, updated graphics and sounds, as well as new adventure modes and daily challenges.

#6 Sniper Fury

As the name suggests, this is a shooting-based game, where your mission starts from a position where you started and you must shoot the enemy from there. You have the necessary arsenal of power from the start. However, as you complete tasks, you can expand your arsenal and customize your weapons, gear, and bullets. There are over 500 missions where you can shoot enemy soldiers, armored vehicles, air troops, and more. Sniper Fury also offers multiplayer challenges that allow you to do things like creating your squad or steal things from other players. Unfortunately, the game has many microtransactions, which can annoy many players.

#5 World of Warships

Although similar to World of Tanks, the focus of this game is the navy. You can control various battleships, destroyers, cruisers, and even aircraft carrier squadrons. Together with your teammates, you are entering a naval battle to conquer the enemy. The graphics are great and customizable, so you can even run them on lower-spec devices. However, the higher graphical setups can require considerable hardware capabilities. 

 Although your level is low at first, the game allows you to expand your skill tree and upgrade your ships and weapons without paying real money. However, the game also offers in-game purchases, allowing you to buy new ships. However, you still need to play the game to gain experience, because you cannot buy it. This is, therefore, one of the best games on the Microsoft store.

#4 Roblox 

Roblox is one of the best games on the Microsoft store and this is why. It allows players to create their own "games in games." In the game, you can also create various equipment, such as construction tools, weapons, transport items, musical instruments, and so on. Although the game may seem overwhelming at first, over time you will find that everything is simpler than it seems at first glance. Note that you can also spend real money on Roblox and convert it to Robux virtual currency. With the money from this game, you can upgrade your gear and even customize your avatar with a variety of accessories. Kids, usually are crazy for this game and it is evident to see why. 

#3 Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO

Dead Rivals Zombie MMO is a fast-paced game focused on zombies. You must fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. You can customize your character, build a shelter, make weapons, improve your skills, and more. The game allows you to play with other people or fight them in a player-to-player battle. Although you don’t need to pay a penny to play this game, you can also spend real money on in-game purchases.

#2 Disney Magic Kingdoms: Build Your Own Magical Park

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a game primarily for children, which puts you in charge of building the best magical park of all time. All the characters in the game are created by Disney Animation, from Mickey Mouse to Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, etc. The color of the game is cheerful and the visuals are great so kids might like it. Beware though, as there are a lot of in-game purchases, so make sure nothing gets paid for without your approval.

#1 Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

If you wondered whether you could learn and have fun at the same time, then think no further as this is the game for you! Crossword, Wordament, and Jumble are the different modes you can use to play this game. Crosswords have various board sizes and levels of difficulty. In Wordament, you have to find as many words as possible in a 4x4 letter grid, and Jumble provides you with a letter collage frame from which you have to create words. You will come across daily challenges in each game, and you can also play Wordament in multiplayer if you wish.

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