The Binding of Isaac: A Dice Room Walk-through Worth Walking Through.

Siddharth SinghFeb 26 . 6 min read

TBOI has proved to be a rather popular title amongst the players in the roguelike genre of gaming. The game moves forward by travelling through various levels of the basement which in the game’s terminology is called a run. Power-ups are there to boost different aspects of our hero's character and bombs and tears are his weapons against the different monsters. As our little protagonist desperately tries to evade his religiously influenced mother who is on the path to sacrifice his son's life as a token of her faith. The game travels through many levels of the basement of his house and takes the players through amazingly fun rooms. Like the Angel room, the bedroom and the talk of this post The Dice room.


Some insight into these mysterious rooms.          

Now they have been in the game ever since the game has been, 2011 to be precise. And they have been quite fun and rewarding to their players. 

Now that we've reached up to its name, let's talk a little about what is it and how does it impact the game and its users. 


Starting with some must-know details about it; 

  • It can be found in a room that has a double lock.
  • Thus Isaac needs 2 keys in order to gain access to this room.
  • They randomise the different aspects of the game.
  • It is a 5×5 arena with pips in the centre denoting the number of the room.
  • A rooms effect can be started by landing onto the pip(s). The effects of a room can be utilized only once during a respective run.
  • Though players can come across several of them in a single run.
  • And lastly, they also contain chests and other fun consumables to be acquired by the players.
  • There are a total of 6 rooms.

Now that was all about the Dice room and its properties. Let us take a glance at the way by which they can be utilised. These rooms are random in occurrence too. They do not have a fixed place or a time to appear through the run. 

But there are 2 factors present that come together for the player to land in the room.


  1.  It is necessary that the game's algorithm takes the decision to spawn a Sacrifice Room. This normally has a (~14%) chance of happening on each floor, but increases to 5/14 (~36%) if his total health is equal to or greater than his total Heart Containers.
  2. Once the game determines a Sacrifice Room will spawn, our room has a 1/50 (2%) chance to replace it. This chance increases to (~22%) if Isaac holds two keys or more than two keys.

Thus far we came to know about what they are it is now time to understand what they do. Well, the answer is just around in the following paragraphs.


Room 1.

 This one has 1 pip in the middle of the room(see picture) and to trigger the room's effect he has to step onto it. 

Upon doing so the room's effects would come into place i.e; it rolls all of Isaac's collected items into random ones. These would be his original room’s items he had collected thus far.

Room 2.

This room has 2 pips in the centre. The process to gain access to the effects of the respective rooms is the same for every room. Now, this is an interesting Dice room as it spawns with some collectables too. 

Now though it is possible to completely ignore the pips and collect the rewards if Isaac does step onto a pip the room will reroll all the pickups on the ground into random ones.


Room 3.

Now I can say we have reached halfway through our walk-through as well as the number of rooms. This third room is slightly advantageous over the previous room. As stepping onto any of its 3 pips not only rolls all the pickups on the floor but even all the trinkets too. There are chances of rerolled pickups in shops to transform into actual items either active or passive. Though this room will not reroll any pickups or trinkets that are at that time within Black Markets etc.


Room 4.

Every single item pedestal present in the room is rerolled. As with the three-pip room, items currently in black markets etc. would be ignored.


Room 5.

 This room's effect mimics the Forget Me Now item in the game. The whole floor is rerolled entirely, leaving the character at the beginning. This room comes in handy great for collecting extra items once you've won the floor and defeated the level Boss.

Room 6.

This is the final Dice room and thus it's the most amazing one. 

This room;

  • Rolls all of Isaac's passive and active items.
  • All pickups are on the floor.
  • All trinkets on the floor.
  • All pedestal items on the floor.


In simple words, it combines the effects of the first, third & fifth rooms.

Now, this is pretty much all that you'll need to remember about these interesting rooms of this fantastic game. Even after covering almost everything a major question still sits in front of us. How to keep track of the effects of all these different rooms? To your relief, the answer to that question is also at your disposal in the following paragraphs;


If you have the Afterbirth+ expansion pack then you"ll have the following identifiers for the rooms,

Room 1, a small marker resembling the D4 item to make you aware of the room's effect.

Room 2, a small marker resembling the D20 item's icon. 

Room 3, is a small version of the game's map, signifying that it will affect the entire floor.

Room 4, has a small version of the D6's icon at the bottom corner.

Room 5, an icon for the Forget Me Now is used in this room to remind you of its effect.

Room 6, the icon for the D100 effect.


In conclusion

I hope this Dice Room Walkthrough was informative, understandable and practical for you. The aim of this article is to ease you in your quest to TBOI superiority and I am sure you learnt enough about these intriguing rooms to get past them effortlessly.

So go on and turn on your PCs and indulge in your beloved game with this newly acquired knowledge and enjoy your runs & your rolls even more. 

See you guys with a new one soon.

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