Will Streaming Replace Console?

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaJul 12 . 5 min read

Gamers are always inquisitive about the best gaming experience possible, and this makes the gaming Industry continuously evolve and change. This search of the unique and best gaming experience is irrespective of any place or person type.

Such high urge and demand for a better and better experience keeps the game creators on their toes and motivates them to come up with new gaming devices, updated game versions with better graphics and user interface. The most popular devices of gaming nowadays are gaming consoles and online game streaming through any device on the cloud platform.

Minimum Requirements

For Console Gaming, you need a multi-core processor with at least 1.5GHz, RAM at least 4GB, a wired Ethernet connection typically for gaming. The use of Network cables to connect both PC and console to the router is the best. 82.11N or a newer adapter is required for wireless console gaming. Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Game Boy, Sony Play station, Sega Dreamcast, Atari 2600 are some of the world-famous gaming consoles. The game is downloaded and played offline with the latest updates added.

For Online Streaming, System requirements 512MB, Graphics Card ATI FireGL T2-128, CPU with Intel Core 2 Duo Q6867, Operating System Windows 7 or later, and an Internet connection with minimum upload speed up to 10mbps. The internet speed required varies on fps (frames per second). The online streaming can be done and watched on mobile phones and tablets also with good internet connectivity. Some famous streaming platforms are Mobcrush, Youtube, Facebook Live, Twitch.

Comparing Streaming and Console

Playing on Console requires investment for the set up for PC, the Console, Separate speakers, Internet connection and subscription to play while streaming does not require this much of physical setup but only the game to be available on cloud and high-speed internet connectivity throughout the streaming. 

Streaming can be done from anywhere with your streaming device while playing on the console can be done only where your setup lies.

In console gaming, ownership lies with you when you buy out the complete setup whereas, in streaming, ownership of the game is not there with you, but lies with the service provider on the cloud.

The newer versions released can only be played when you download and install the game completely on the console which may take hours. The games get frequent newer updates so, there arises a problem of space in the console and sometimes the original has to be deleted to get the newer version which file size is itself as the original file.

In cloud gaming( streaming), the game can be played from more than one device on big platforms like Google Stadia, Shadow, and Project xcloud without losing your last stage cleared in the game. This method of gaming allows playing both with a physical setup connection as well as with touch on the screen.

The game does not need to be installed in streaming and you can start playing instantly just after logging in. One also does not lose access to the game one has purchased unlike some systems like PS4 which do not offer compatibility backward on PS3.

In streaming, if you lose access to a service provider like Google stadia, you lose the game. Also like Nintendo games are available on their own systems only.

If the speed provided by the Internet service provider is low any of the days, you lose both the image quality as well as the stages you have reached. In the US, Data caps are also in use which lowers the speed after a limit of consumption and is also not sufficient for a few months' play.

Also, the new cross-platform games are putting computers to hard tests as these are designed for consoles particularly. A 2GB video card is not as helpful to play cross-platform games as it was earlier. A Quad-core is a minimum requirement now.

The streaming lets you make an online community play and also you are paid for the stream time depending on the number of people watching the stream. This is also a way to test your gaming personality onscreen and getting popular too.


Both the means of game playing are very popular and have their pros and cons. Console gaming is a little conventional than streaming but the number of players on consoles is still very big. In the same way, streaming is newer but has gained popularity in small time and gives tough competition to console gaming. 

Both the means provide optimum gaming experience with their best setups required and the users on each platform think twice before switching to the other. Streaming may have greater demand in the future with the increasing trend but Gaming ownership still lies with consoles.


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