PubG vs. Call of Duty vs. Free Fire: Comparison of Best Battle Royal Games

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaAug 17 . 7 min read

Battle Royal Games are rapidly getting popular among players of different ages and with different game accessibility modes. The most popular games in the segment are PubG, Call of Duty, and Free Fire. So, let’s try to figure out PubG vs. Call of Duty vs. Free Fire, which game is the best Battle Royal Game.

The games can be compared on some parameters:

  1. Maps

Maps are the completer route paths for the players to finish one complete zone. PubG offers four maps namely Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi. Sanhok is the smallest one while and Miramar is the largest ones among all four. These maps are in the classic mode of the game.

In Call of Duty, there are three maps to play named Classic, Blitz, and Alcatraz.  

Free Fire has three maps to offer: Purgatory, Bermuda, and Kalahari. Bermuda is the first map one gets to play in and is about area 4X4km. Purgatory is reached after clearing level 5. It is of the same size as Bermuda but different in geological conditions. The third map is Kalahari added latest to the game.

So, clearly, PubG has the maximum number of maps providing you greater option to explore comparatively.

2.     Game Play Modes

In COD, there are two modes Battle Royale Mode and Multiplayer Mode (Core, Featured). The Multiplayer mode has two sub-modes namely Core and Featured. 

For PubG Mobile, four modes are there: Classis, Arcade (Quick Match, Sniper Training War), EvoGround (Payload 2.0), Arena (Gun Game, Arena Training, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Assault). Here also in this PubG vs. Call of Duty competition, PubG scores over.

In Free Fire, four gameplay modes are there as Classic, Clash Squad, Ranked Game, Kill Secured.

So, in Game Play Mode, PubG again gets a lead over both the games as it offers around 12 gameplay modes which are almost double of both the games.


3.     Graphics

In PubG, the graphics are of high quality with each detail differentiable and settings can also be changed to save battery life or change textures. It uses Unreal Engine for running and is almost very good with all kinds of devices, but, on powerful devices, the graphics look magnified.

For COD, creators have chosen Unity Engine to run it. The game is optimized to run smoothly on all kinds of devices and can be run on higher setting mode on less powerful devices also. Options for settings changes are available with this game also to customize the visual effects as per the player’s choice.

In Free Fire, the graphics are neither very good nor clear nor having a BR game visually. It looks more like with a cartoonish touch with edges not defined clearly. It clearly loses the race in terms of graphics from both the games.

In concluding, we can say in this PubG vs. Call of Duty fight, PubG still manages to reach on top as the graphics in Pubg look denser and not very confined while in COD, graphics look like they are a little constricted especially in the case of maps.

4.     System Requirements

For Free Fire, the setup required on PC is Windows 7, 8, or 10 with 64 bit, CPU as i5 core clocked at 2.8GHz, RAM 8GB, GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, and storage of 8GB. On Android phones, minimum requirements are Android 4.4, CPU as dual-core 1.2GHz, RAM of 1GB, and Storage greater than 1.5GB. For IOS, these are iOS 9, iPhone 5s. RAM of 1GB and storage greater than 


For Call of Duty, you need a PC with Windows(64bit), CPU Intel Core i5-2500K, RAM of 12GB, Storage of 246GB, and GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/ GTX1660. On Android, the CPU required is Dual-core clocked at 1.2GHz, Android version 5.1 or higher, 2GB of RAM, and 15GB of Internal Storage and iOS compatibility with iPhone 7 or later.

For playing PubG, you need to have OS Windows 7, 8, or 10 in 64 bit, CPU in Intel i5-660K, 16GB of memory, GPU as NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 3GB, Network with Internet broadband connection and storage of 50GB. On Android, version of 5.5 or greater, RAM of 2GB, and minimum 2GB of free storage. On iPhone, the requirement is iPhone 5s or iPad2 or greater running on iOS9or higher.


 So, seeing all the aspects, the competition restricts to PubG vs. Call of Duty.


Call of Duty vs. PubG


Both the games have the best of the package to offer with classy inbuilt performance. PubG has something more to offer in every aspect to showcase compared with Call of Duty but still, both the games have quite a big fan base. The competition is greater between these two games also because these high-quality games are accessible on simple devices also.

Be it rural area or urban, players of these games are everywhere. One more reason to love the games is these are organizing championships on the world level with heavy prize money to the winner/s. However, Pub Ghee also scores over Call of Duty.

 Now, talking about Free Fire, the game has its attractions for its user base. The Free Fire Event (4th Anniversary) date has been announced and it is going to be big this year with gameplay, rewards, and coupon redeems. Free Fire India has also confirmed the event.

Online Free Fire Game Play

Some players try to get greater control over the game and use some hacks. In Android, mods are used by some players to retain life for a greater period and win more coins. It may also happen that you get banned by Android for modding.

Wall Hack or ESP/VAC is also a hack that provides you to see, drop grenades, loot your enemies through the wall. This hack is very powerful ad can give you some major advantages over your enemy.

Aimbot is also one of the hacks which make you win more diamonds and kill more enemies, getting more free skins. If you get caught with this, your account will get suspended. Other players can also know about it and report it which can cost you suspension from paying the game.

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