Mechanical Keyboard versus Membrane: Which Should You Buy

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaAug 12 . 6 min read

Developments are happening in all aspects of Computer and such changes are evident for Keyboards also. These changes are due to the developed demands from consumers for Keyboards with new technology and better aesthetics. The medium to enter your typing and control inputs has developed mainly in two types broadly: Mechanical Keyboard and Membrane Keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard contains spring and switches below each key. They have a stem at the base which is pressed when you press the key allowing contact of the key to the circuitry and have a spring to make the key bounce back at its initial position instantly. This type of keyboard is very attractive visually and has different coloured lights adding to the keyboard’s looks.

The Membrane Keyboard has pressure pads underneath the keys and is very sensitive to each keystroke. The buttons need not be pressed very hard and are not an optimal choice for fast typists. This again leads us to the comparison as Mechanical keyboard versus Membrane.

To find out the best in this mechanical versus membrane keyboard contest, you can go through the major differences between these two types 

Based on different parameters: 


So this comparison gives quite a clear idea and solves the problem for people who are confused between mechanical keyboard versus membrane, which to go for, and what best suits their needs.

For better clarity, you can also do a case study of the best-reviewed Mechanical Keyboard and Membrane Keyboard.

Best Mechanical Keyboard

Conventional but powerful is the one thing that can be said for Mechanical Keyboards. Manufacturers are many but one keyboard has performance and features blended in best combination, Razer Blackwidow Elite: Esports Gaming Keyboard.  The keyboard is a multi-award winner and has a multi-functional digital dial supported with dedicated media controls.

It has an ergonomically designed wrist rest pad for comfortable gaming and includes Razer green mechanical switches. It requires one lithium polymer battery. The keyboard has great durability and can support up to 80 million clicks. It also has USB2.0 and Audio Pass-Through allowing for easy routing of cables. The keys are fully programmable with hybrid onboard memory and storage on the cloud included.

Warranty coverage is of 1 year and the overall experience is unmatchable to any other keyboard in the segment as per the reviews by critics and customers. The keyboard is usually an ideal choice for gamers and fast typists.

Best Membrane Keyboard

In this quest of mechanical keyboard versus membrane, Membrane keyboards have their place of likeliness in the market as well as for gamers and workaholic persons also. The keyboard has to withstand tough conditions while gaming so it has to perform the tasks on all fronts like from quick inputs to being durable. Saying on holistic performance, one membrane keyboard stands out and i.e., Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard 

The keyboard is just another masterpiece from the number one game peripherals selling brand Razer. The keyboard has high-performance mecha membranes which provide spontaneous feedback of key press. Personalization feature with game immersion in Razer chroma. It can be synced fully with all the popular games and can support 16.8 million colours on each key backlit. 

It has a detachable Plush wrist set and macros are programmable on it. It is also fully configurable for volume, play, brightness, and pause features. The construct of the keyboard is highly durable supporting up to 80million clicks and is covered by a warranty of 2 years.

Overall, the keyboard has some eye-grabbing looks and beats others in the segment of membrane keyboards by miles. However, the quest of mechanical keyboard versus membrane still exists.


Now, that we are known about the two types of keyboards in the market and the best of each segment, the decision to buy completely comes to your requirements from the keyboard. The budget can also play a deciding factor in this but many people prefer features over cost. So, for them, the favorite keyboard could be different.

Apart from these two types, one keyboard type is also developed recently with some different reception technology of key press.

Best Non Mechanical Keyboard

This type is keyboard consists of capacitive switches below the keys. The phenomenon of capacitance is possible by a rubber dome. There does not happen to be any physical contact between the switch and circuit board. The rubber dome has a switch housing and plunger in it. The spring inside is bent when a key is pressed letting the PCB register the keypress.

This type of keyboard is made by a Japanese company known as Topre. One example of such a keyboard is Topre Real Force 104UB. The keyboard is very silent in use and is height adjustable. The overall build quality of the keyboard is good and assures you of a value for money product. So, this third type of keyboard out of the mechanical keyboard versus membrane competition can also be a great choice for some people searching for newer technology.

For a more detailed study, you can also visit https://levvvel.com/best-topre-keyboard/https://www.amazon.in/Razer-BlackWidow-RZ03-02620100-R3M1-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B07J68NMST?ref_=ast_sto_dp 


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