List of Top Cloud Gaming Services to Try In 2021

Azam TanzeemSep 6 . 17 min read

Looking for the best cloud gaming service? If so, the content is for you. Below, we have listed the 15 best list of cloud gaming services. Cloud gaming services are fortunate and also the future of the gaming industry. You can enjoy games without configuring or organizing physical components. But you can enjoy your favourite games on online platforms. There are some free services on the Internet, some of which are paid services, which means you have to pay your bills on a monthly or annual basis. A lot of cloud gaming mod apks are also available on the internet.


Making use of the top cloud gaming services, you don't need expensive equipment on your desk, you only need to play games on your tablet, mobile phone, laptop or PC. This means you don’t need to have a complete PC to play HD games in 4K video quality. You may need to purchase some equipment to smoothly use paid cloud gaming on PC. At the same time, most cloud gaming platforms have their mobile apps, which means you can play your games on your mobile phone. 

Here is a list of cloud gaming services that I consider as the very best out there:

#1 Shadow

Shadow is an independent company that provides you with performed services. It doesn't offer cloud games, but it does offer cloud computing games. As the only one in the market, it is the cloud game provider most recommended by consumers by default. It provides a huge library of games, high-performance games, and a significant access period. Even with the large low ping bandwidth, it lags behind cursor scrolling and responsiveness. Making this one of the top cloud gaming services.

Highlights from this service provider: 

  • provides 4K UHD streaming without latency issues, but at least a 5mbps connection is recommended. 
  • is relatively cheap because it offers a monthly subscription fee of $35 with high-end features. 
  • Shadow Gaming service is always synchronized with the PC and uses a dedicated GPU to run as perfectly as possible. 
  • Shadow believes that users share files and folders with friends or acquaintances for growth. 
  • This gaming platform allows customers to buy storage; initially, starting from 256GB and ends at 2TB.

#2 GeForce Now

GeForce has been a veteran in this service and provides one of the, if not the best cloud gaming application on the market. The platform is unique and focuses on the seamless super flow of the games. It has a mentality of no delay in execution and performance. 

 Now, with a user account, you can take advantage of this service whether you are running on a PC, Mac or Shield TV. If we talk about price, you might think of it as one of the cheapest platforms, offering you more than 50 games for just $8 a month. When flipping a coin, the functionality and the second experience are more reasons to enter. It wouldn’t be a crime to call this one of the Top cloud gaming services. 

Highlights from this service provider:

  • Geforce has been offering Ultra Streaming for quite some time now. This solves the latency problem well and allows 4k streaming at 60fps. 
  • For the current beta version of the program, users can continuously play the game for four hours to ensure fair access to the server. 
  • Geforce is now also profitable and can run on Shield TV, Shield Portable, tablets and Macs. 
  • Only needs 8 dollars to subscribe, there is even a cloud gaming services free trial at the start. There are many kinds of free games. Currently, there are more than 400 titles and they are added regularly. 
  • Geforce is now trying to grow in response to public demand by giving users access to easily provide feature requests.

All these reasons go to show us why Geforce Now is one of the top cloud gaming services. 

#3 Project xCloud

Project xCloud belongs to the list of top cloud gaming services categories on the Internet. It is a Microsoft product, so there are no half-measures about its functionality and performance. It is expected to become the number one cloud game service provider within some time. It has been noted that Project xCloud has surpassed the Google Stadia game service in the market and is at its peak. On the other hand, Project xCloud has not yet been released to the public for use, but some lucky customers have been invited to try it out. All these features make Project xCloud one of the Top cloud gaming services.

Highlights from this service provider:

  • The registration process for Project Xcloud is really easy, but Microsoft will provide invitations to some players during the preview period. 
  • This is said to be as powerful as four Xbox One S consoles, but it is not clear whether the game has such a fusion ability. 
  • The benefits of continuity. The user can turn off the screen and start playing on the screen of another device where the user left. 
  • Use Azure Massive Network. Azure data centres are located in North America, Asia, and Europe. 
  • Has a slight delay, but if the WIFI is at least 5HZ, it works well.
  • for immediate access, it can ensure smooth cloud game streaming

#4 HP Omen Game Stream

For fans of cloud gaming services, HP Omen Game Stream is nothing new. Unlike other cloud gaming service providers, its outstanding feature is that it allows you to stream from your platform to other Windows 10 PCs, which is also free. In addition, like other cloud gaming platforms, there is no separate cloud server. An Omen PC owned by the customer is used as the host. But one thing you need to remember is that you only use HP systems and cannot access its services through other platforms.

Highlights of this service provider:

·      It is optimized for bandwidth to provide smooth streaming through a custom performance mode.

·      provides its users with a wide range of challenges, and if completed, rewards will be provided to provide additional streaming services.

·      service is limited to OMEN DESKTOP models 880100 to 880199, OMEN 15 portable models 15ce100 to 15ce199 models 15dc0001 to 15dc0999, OMEN 17 portable models to 17an7an109

·      HP recommends that its users use a PC connected via a wired connection to take full advantage of its services.

·      like other high-end cloud gaming service providers does not have 4k gaming options even in the best connection scenarios.

#5 PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is probably the oldest cloud gaming service provider on the list, but it is also one of the top cloud gaming services, and it is growing every year. This cloud gaming platform provides Netflix with a library of games at a monthly subscription fee. In 2014, Sony launched Playstation. 

 Sony recommends a network speed of 5Mbps, which allows users to have a good cloud video game. The worst disadvantage of this cloud gaming platform is that titles will be deleted within a period, as is Netflix.

Highlights from this service provider:

  • Compared with the monthly subscription fee, their annual plan is very cheap, with a starting period of only $59.99. 
  • Customers can have 7-day cloud gaming services free trial period before registering for the subscription fee. 
  • Does not need a high-end PC like Core i3, 2GB of RAM will provide the best gaming experience. 
  • Does not require a very high Internet connection, because the 5 Mbps uninterrupted connection can work smoothly. 
  • Customers can enjoy games with only 720p, the game audio is the only stereo; surround sound is not available.

#6 Parsec Cloud-based Gaming Services

If you are looking for the best cloud gaming experience, Parsec is a top cloud gaming service. The cloud gaming service uses virtual machines pre-configured by Paperspace and AWS. The quality of the video stream is amazing, giving you a fantastic experience. Parsec became the centre of attention in 2016 and has since successfully provided players with the best memories of the past. This cloud service has powerful features, and you can now run it on low-spec PCs. There is not even a delay problem. Parsec boasted that its service is years ahead of technology compared to its competitors

Highlights from this service provider:

  • The Parsec app is free because it plans to generate income through its premium services.
  • The multi player game system allows the user to pass the controller to other players as if another player were sitting next to them. 
  • Parsec is very cost-effective because it can even run games like a console on a $ 17 PC. 
  • To fix the lag issue, Parsec used the new Nvidia GPU because its performance is better than the AMD card. 
  • Parsec has invested in HEVC to stream with a resolution of 4K and in HDR too, but it has latency issues on consumer hardware.

#7 Playkey.net Free Cloud Gaming Services

Playkey.net allows users to connect to their game server through any modern device on the Internet. The game key was used in 2013. Playkey.net plans to provide gamers with a solution that does not have updates or high-end hardware on their PCs, but they can still run high-end games. Games like GTA V run through their cloud service without any latency issues. This allows Playket.net to be named as one of the top cloud gaming services.

Highlights from this service provider:

  • To attract consumers, Playkey.net allows new account holders to take a free 20-minute game demo.
  • consumer PCs can be as low as a 1.5GHz processor, 1GB RAM, Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS 10.8, and run the Playkey.net service.  
  • Playkey.net host server uses Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8 GB i7, 4 cores, 3.5 GHz 16 GB RAM. 
  • On low-speed internet connections such as 10 Mbps, consumers can run high definition games at 30 fps. 

The 5000 MHZ connection, 1080p 60 fps are all features that enhance the playkey.net experience.

#8 Paperspace

Paperspace was first discovered in 2014 and expanded to the main site in 2016. The name is a metaphor for the infinite power of the cloud. With its huge machine learning platform, it claims to be well suited for consumer data pipelines. You will find that at least 50,000 VMS can be used in the cloud provided by Paperspace. As it's free, it makes it one of the free, yet one of the Top cloud gaming services around. 

Highlights from this service provider:

  • These high-performance data pipelines converted into computing power are realized through GPU computing. 
  • Paperspace is the lowest, P500 Pascal architecture 2560 CUDA core 288 GB / s 16 GB memory, the game cost per hour is 0.78 US dollars. 
  • Paperspace, in cooperation with Parsec, is running the most demanding games with pay-as-you-go capabilities. 
  • For security reasons, please use an encrypted VPN to VPN tunnel (IPSec/OpenVPN encrypted tunnel between Paperspace DC and the office.)

#9 LiquidSky

LiquidSky is another cloud-based gaming service that provides many top-notch games and features. We realize that it comes with an hourly limit, and we think this is a setback for any cloud gaming service. We thank you for offering more than 7 days of 25-hour options for $10. On the other hand, monthly payments start at $19.99, and you can enjoy 80 hours of game time. Using this service, you can access your library of games such as Steam, Blizzard, and Origin. All these characteristics make LiquidSky one of the Top cloud gaming services.

Highlights from this service provider:

  • LiquidSky initially claimed that it was running Battlefield 1 at 60fps, but due to server issues, they had to stop it. 
  • The minimum configuration to run LiquidSky on your computer should include Windows 8, 2 GB of RAM, 250 MB of storage space, and an Intel 4000 graphics card. 
  • users only need to pay a one-time payment of US $9.99, they can get 25 hours of game time and 200GB of storage space, and provide one month of free maintenance. 
  • Cloud gaming platform LiquidSky claims to have global services and servers in Europe and China that are compatible with Android.  
  • supports controllers such as USB microphones, webcams, headphones/earphones, external hard drives, and any other USB 2.0 powered device.

#10 Microsoft Azure Cloud Games

In 2018, Microsoft proposed Project xCloud, which uses Microsoft Azure cloud services for gaming services. Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft signed an agreement to develop cloud games in May 2019. Microsoft Azure Cloud Games is a catalogue of cloud game services. Developers and IT professionals use Microsoft's global network of data centres to create, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud. Created for this purpose. With this information, we can place this service as one of the top cloud gaming services.

Highlights from this service provider:

  • 12 months of free service, but the function is limited; only in the case of exceeding the characteristics will be charged to consumers. 
  • Microsoft Azure services provide hosted game services, data analysis and LiveOps tools, saving consumers costs.
  • The dedicated Azure Traffic Manager connects the player to the most suitable area to avoid delays. 
  • uses Azure to easily package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable game servers in containers.

#11 Blacknut

Blacknut belongs to the top cloud gaming service category with a monthly subscription plan. It offers about 200 types of high-quality tiles; you only need to choose the right plan to enjoy. It is similar to Netflix and offers a monthly subscription fee of $12.99. If you want to play games on-demand, you need a game console on your table. It also provides device compatibility, which means you can resume games on your phone, desktop, and vice versa.

Highlights from this service provider:

  • Provide parental controls to become as familiar as possible with the profile support for accessibility. 
  • Blacknut provides a two-week free trial period for new users of some B-level and AA-level games.
  • It lags far behind in terms of video quality. 
  • Blacknut has encountered setbacks and stutters everywhere, but the decisive factor is the form of the game library. 
  • Blacknut can be used on different platforms, but sometimes the game can’t be played due to lag on the phone.

#12 Google Stadia

Google Stadia was put into use in 2019, and Google's appointment is a good reason to start using this potential gaming service. In terms of design compatibility, you can enjoy it on any device that supports the Google Chrome browser. Google Stadia works differently. In other words, nothing is more like a subscription fee or a monthly plan, but you can buy the games you want to play. It's that easy, and this feature alone places it as one of the top cloud gaming services. There are no additional hardware requirements for playing games on Google Stadia.

Highlights from this service provider:

  • Google Stadia offers a true 4k 60fps experience via Chromecast, which is a standout selling point. 
  • If a subscriber unsubscribes for some time and then resubscribes, the consumer will get back all originally purchased professional games. 
  • Google Stadia offers "Crowd Play", through which viewers who broadcast live can join the game. 
  • standards-loving users can use the Stadia controller's HID controller on other gaming platforms via the USB cable.
  • has some audio lag and a poor PC experience, the game has almost no lag, and the controller is great.

#13 Steam Link

Steam Link is a cloud gaming application that can remotely enable the streaming of Steam content. It was released in 2015. In terms of hardware, it is standalone hardware that can stream Steam content from PCs, Steam Machines, and Steam gamepads. Under Valve's leadership, Steam Link's hardware stopped supporting its software applications to run on the platform. In my opinion, this is one of the top cloud gaming services on the internet, as of now.

Highlights from this service provider:

  • It uses the same hardware technology to encode H.264 video in real-time and send it through a customized low-latency network. 
  • It is in the beta program on the Android platform, but it runs without problems on any device running IOS 11 or higher Apple hardware. 
  • Currently, the application is free, but it has a technical problem with the aspect ratio of the screen on the platform.
  • allows users to play 4k at 60fps. 
  • To stream smoothly, the user's steam controller needs Bluetooth low energy.

#14 Xbox App

The Xbox app is another more popular and better-organized cloud gaming service with lots of cool features. This is a product released by the giant Microsoft Group in August 2019. Initially, it was only released as a beta version of Windows 10 PC. Now you can enjoy its services through mobile phones, laptops, PCs, and Xbox consoles. If you are running Windows 10 on your system, you can download the latest version from the Microsoft Store. You just need to name it, and you will get a variety of games to enjoy with family and friends. Cloud gaming Xbox 360 and Cloud gaming on PCs is just a whole lot easier!

Highlights from this service provider:

  • The digital version of Xbox can be purchased through the Xbox app, but there is no promise of rewards for pre-ordering games. 
  • If the game progress through the disk version is saved to a hard disk or cloud, the numbers will continue. 
  • In the family plan, all family members must have a separate Xbox account and games must be purchased separately. 
  • There is a one-time opportunity to play games on Windows 10 and Xbox One through Xbox Pass. 
  • In Windows 10, for most games that do not require any media streaming fee, you can choose to enter offline mode.

#15 Rainway

It was established a long time ago in 2017 and featured on the Ulterius website, which provides cloud game services and streaming services that are not related to video games. It won’t take long to become famous. After being recognized, he proposed a plan to support the Nintendo Switch game console. Unlike Google Stadia or Xbox, it is not a very large company or platform, but due to its powerful features, you can raise funds on a large scale to support your operations. This is an old service, but it doesn’t stop this from being one of the top cloud gaming services, too.

Highlights from this service provider:

  • It uses the Coffee network protocol based on the ultra-fast WebRTC framework.
  • The data collected for Rainway comes from two sources, totalling 1.4 million games and 2 million alternative games. 
  • Because it requires the user's PC as the host, the PC must always be turned on, which is different from other cloud gaming platforms.
  • one cannot purchase games from Rainway because it runs games that consumers already own. 
  • Multiple accounts do not need to be hosted on different platforms, but users can switch between them from the client.
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