List of High Graphics Cricket Games for Android [2021]

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaSep 30 . 7 min read

There are many High Graphics Cricket Games for Android available now. Being available on mobile and the game followed religiously in India, users of all ages like it. The game does not require much of a very high-end mobile phone to play smoothly. The Cricket Games of high graphics quality can be played on normal android phones also. That makes the experience even more enjoyable and untiring.

So, here is a list of,

Best Cricket Games for Android

  1. World Cricket Championship 2- WCC2

Inclusive of several Real Cricket World shots, the game is highly customizable and available in 3D. The choices you are getting here are numerous like, 11 tournaments, 42 World-class stadiums, and Domestic teams 1 in number and 18 International teams. The iconic cricketing shots like Upper-Cut, Dil-Scoop, Paddle sweep, Helicopter shot conclude which is the number one cricket game in the competition.

The features that you are getting here are

  • Jersey Changes
  • Replay or the slow motion of the shot played
  • Decision Review System
  • Net practice(the feature is seen in games made for PC)
  • Bilingual Commentary in Hindi and English
  • Opponent challenging online

      With these high-end features, the game is much loved and scores on all-around performance on gaming and is on the top of the list of High Graphics Cricket Games for Android.

2.World of Cricket: World Cup 2019

A 3D Cricket game with graphics a little cartoonish. You get to play with 10 International cricketing teams, different International Cricket Stadiums. The best feature is of Live Matches. Commentary as of a Live game, net practice tutorial, players with their real batting and bowling actions make it feel more real.

There is also different camera angles features and batting and bowling can be done by simple swap and touch. You can choose over a range of 25 types of shots to play. It is one of the free cricket games for Android and people of any level of skills can play it and learn more. The game has some lacks in license so the original names of the players are not there in the game.



3.Real Cricket 20

This is a high-end android cricket game with some impressive features included like Real World Stadiums, Presentation in TV-style, Drama, Sledging, and Action. It is an update to Real Cricket 19. The decision review system here includes both Snicko and Hotspot. Batsmen are divided into four categories namely Radical, Defensive, Balanced, and Brute.

This being one of the High Graphics Cricket games for Android, includes the 3rd umpire review system also. Test Cricket format is available in this and Stadiums with time progression is an added feature. Making it more realistic is the feature of the Rain and Duckworth Lewis method to decide the results of the match. More to that is a Pro Cam feature to see how the batsman sees the ball coming towards him at about 90 miles an hour.


4.Cricket World Cup Fever

It is an HD game feature in 3D with controls very precise and of high quality. The best thing about the game is that it is lightweight and a phone of just 1GB RAM can handle it very well which makes it one of the most famous android cricket games. Experiences like catching, fielding, throwing and stumping and live umpire signals like four, six, Wide, Out make it realistic.


Batting shots include Dil-Scoop, Upper Cut, Mr. 360° and bowling actions include Carom Ball, Flipper, Googly, Dusra, and fast bowling. Some more features are lined up to be added soon like Live Cricket Scorecards, Duckworth Lewis method, syncing data with Live World Cup matches. Both ODI and T0 cricket formats can be played here.


5.Big Bash Cricket

High Graphics Cricket Games for Android include this one at number 5. The game has been downloaded more than 1 million times and is a little difficult to master provided you can choose the difficulty level. The animation for winning moments is well worked out. You can collect player cards and make your own Ultimate 11 to play in the final stage. Also, you can 1v1 game mode or multiplayer game mode.

The game does lack some features as per the modern games. In addition, is the in-game gold contest by choosing between the quick play contest or for a complete season. For extended services, you can subscribe to the free pass which gets you No Ads, Free and unlimited multiplayer access.


6.Stick Cricket Live 21

This is a live cricketing game where you can challenge and play with strangers. It has a big user base and the 3D mode makes it even more enjoyable. You can change the players' names, shots selection, jersey, and country. It is the highest-rated cricket game on Playstore. 

You can win Kitbags here which provides you with the chance to new bats and bowlers adding to your lineup choice. This is one of the High Graphics Cricket Games for Android and every aspect of the game is just incomparable visually. You can also unlock new characters and kitbag designs by winning trophies in the game. Keep upgrading the bowlers so that they reach their full potential.


7.Doodle Cricket

The game is quite distinct from others. It is a simple and light android cricket game ranking good for android games. The ambiance of the game is dynamic. For starting the play, you just need to tap and the actions begin. The camera angles are wide in range and styles. One more thing that you get is that you can challenge your AI opponent to play the very rare game. The physics involved is very realistic.


8.Epic Cricket- Big league Game

If you are searching for which cricket game has the best graphics, then this could be one of the best ones. HD graphics with live commentary throughout the match is there. All range of latest and signature batting and bowling shots. You can record audio also in this. The game is not very light but there is everything included that a real cricket match would look like.T-20 and ODI are the two cricket formats it includes.

Hence, developers of High Graphics cricket games for android can learn a lot from this one and innovate more.


9.Smash Cricket

Here, you get a total of 6 game modes namely World Cup, Friendly, Chase Down, Challenge, Online mode, Limit Overs. With HD sound and features like an upgrade to improved skills, Realistic physics involved, and Online gaming competition, the game is a go-to for anyone. Some more new features are on the line to be added like New Game modes, Friend and Global leaderboards, and more types of challenges.


10.World Cricket Championship Lite

It can be played on a 1GB RAM phone with high graphics included. The highlights of the game are challenging your friend feature, a wide range of batting shots, and toughness and it makes you addicted. This game lost a little craze because of its other versions introduced with better features. On the Shout board, you can make a new friend by shouting out loud.


5-Star Cricket Games for Android

Cricket games on android are very famous and getting more popular day by day but a 5star rating is still a mile to achieve for any game. However, the games have proved to the users’ expectations very well and more are expected to come.


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