Life Like Video Games- Boon or Bane for Teenagers

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaJul 16 . 4 min read

The tendency of creators and researchers has also been to make the technology closest to human-like or life-like. The Source of Inspiration behind a new invention or technological advancement is to make the invention closest to real life. Like how should that machine or invention behave, if it would have existed in reality.

Seeing the machines or soft wares behaves like human or like in the real world situation, makes it easier for humans to predict their behavior and reactions. The Same goes with Videogames. The closer the game situations are to the real world, the sooner it is accepted by gamers and becomes popular. Games now appear to be played in some real locations like some backyard area, or an old factory, or an Island with no one living there. VR (Virtual Reality) is one of the closest forms of video games putting human beings in real-life situations and physical movements involved to play the game through VR.


Effects observed are on every age group, but on teenagers, the effects are notable. Effects observed are both positive and Negative.

Positive Effects The positive effects observed of lifelike games on teenagers are various. The teenager builds a skill of how to react fast. He can assess the situation very quickly and react accordingly. It also makes them able to think of creative ways to solve a problem just as required in a video game. This skill is developed generally by playing puzzle games like Cut the Rope, The Incredible Machine, and others.

  • Fine Motor and Spatial skills, Better Hand-Eye coordination  Playing Shooting games are to keep a track of your target all the time in the game, observe the target minutely and react accordingly. This process of tracking the target continuously and shooting just at the right time requires great hand-eye coordination and spatial skills. The brain reacts according to the fingertips' movement. Better surgical skills are said to be getting practice while playing video games. Fighter Pilots are weaned on Video games for better skills and react quickly in real fighting situations.
  • Perseverance A gamer usually loses the first time but keeps on trying and playing to win. He keeps patience and tries again and again. The Same is required in real life also.
  • Simulation Simulators give you the experience of extreme sensitivity on any movement done. This sensitizes the simulation in the player and makes him/her more precise. These simulators are usually used to train Pilots. They can have the feel of everything just like flying a real aircraft with movements like wing angles, wind speed, altimeter, etc.
  • Teamwork and Cooperation When played in groups like online gaming with others, it teaches you the teamwork skills to achieve a target and cooperating selflessly to achieve the bigger aim.
  • Pattern recognition, Memory, Mapping, Concentration are some various good life skills that can be learned in life-like video games.

Negative Effects With so many of positive things, there are negative effects also that have been found out by researchers/observers.

  • Social Isolation It has been observed in youngsters that they find it difficult to interact well in groups. They find it easier to stay quiet and isolated than to react with others.
  • Postural, Muscular, and Skeletal disorders Regularly pressing the joystick buttons lead to excessive movement and compression of the thumb and nerves and tendons connected. This gradually leads to permanent pain, inflammation in tendons. This leads to weakness of the muscles and numbness. This may lead to permanent injury also in some cases.
  • Online Vulnerability It has been found that Youngsters meet people online for group gaming who preach bad things through video games and chat apps. Youngsters do not understand that much about the other effects of meeting these people and are highly vulnerable.
  • Eye strain, Headaches, and Video-induced seizures Playing continuously leads to strain on the eyes which leads to Head Aches. They stop physical movements playing the games and start overeating also leading to obesity in some cases.
  • Impulsive disorder and Attention Problems Game playing requires concentration but may lead to attention problems also and in some cases impulsive disorder due to overplaying. This is according to a study published in the Journal of Psychology and Popular Media Center in February’2012

Hence, concluding about the effects, over gaming leads to disorders that are unwanted and may be permanent in some cases. These games do provide a real-life-like experience while playing but doing anything can lead to serious harm.


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