Is the PS3 Worth Buying in 2021: Read before Buying

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Sony Computer Entertainment created the PlayStation 3 (PS3), a home video gaming device. It is the PlayStation 2's successor and a member of the PlayStation family of consoles. On November 11, 2006, it was first published in Japan. On November 17, 2006, in North America, and on March 23, 2007, in Europe and Australia. As part of the seventh generation of video game systems, the PlayStation 3 fought largely against Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii.

The console was initially unveiled at E3 in 2005, and it was launched in late 2006. It was the first console to store data on Blu-ray Discs. It was also the first PlayStation system to include social gaming features, such as the PlayStation Network, and to be operated from a handheld device, thanks to its remote connectivity with the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. The Slim variant of the PlayStation 3 was introduced in September 2009. Its hardware was no longer capable of running PS2 games. It was lighter and slimmer than the previous model, with a revised logo and marketing design, as well as a slight software start-up update. PS3 console reviews are generally positive and very few negative reviews are seen.


The PS3's debut was a shambles. For starters, achieving a global release took more than four months. The console was released in November 2006 in Japan and North America, and in March 2017 in the rest of the globe, It was also really expensive.


New technology is always costly. Rare technology is much more costly.

The PS3 has a Blu-ray disc drive in addition to its sophisticated design. Blu-ray players were cutting-edge technology at the time and cost an average of $800, making the PS3 the most inexpensive Blu-ray player on the market.

 according to a lot of tech reviewers, the PlayStation 3 was released a year too soon. Its components were prohibitively expensive, and the true benefit of Blu-Ray discs didn't emerge until late in the seventh generation.

The PS3's complexity makes it much more difficult for third-party developers to transfer their games to both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. As a result, most games published earlier in the sixth generation look and play better on the Xbox.


Between 2006 and 2012, Sony Computer Entertainment produced three distinct versions of the PlayStation 3.

The Original PS3

In the United States and Japan, two PS3 models were offered from the start. Getting this PS3 in 2021 seems like a complete waste, in my opinion.

  1. A 20 GB version (CECHBxx) was available for $499.
  2. A 60 GB version (CECHAxx) was available for $599.

Aside from the capacity difference, the 20 GB console lacked an SD Card slot and lacked a wifi antenna. It is required to connect an Ethernet cable with this PS3 to use online services.

Models for the global launch

After the 20 GB model failed to sell successfully in the US and Japan, only the 60 GB version (CECHCxx) of the PS3 was sold on launch day in March 2007 in the rest of the globe. 

$599 for a 60 GB version (CECHCxx).

In August 2007, a new variant (CECHExx) with 80 GB of storage was introduced.

All four models listed above are PS1 and PS2 game backward compatible.

Only PS1 games were backward compatible with the following FAT types (designated CECHGxx to CECHQxx).

  • The PS3 Slim

Slim versions, which are smaller, lighter, cooler, have more storage, and are more dependable, debuted in September 2009. It would make more sense to get this PS3 in 2021 rather than the fatter version.

PS3 slims were available in a variety of storage capacities: 120 GB, 160 GB, 250 GB, and 320 GB.

  • The PS3 Super Slim 

Sony launched the PS3's last generation in 2012. The PS3 Super Slim is smaller and lighter than the slim versions, but it also has a somewhat plasticky appearance. This, in my opinion, is the PS3 model you should go for if you are considering getting a PS3 in 2021.


The Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) is a common hardware failure that might affect the motherboard, power supply, or Blu-ray drive. Although the losses were not as severe as those experienced by the Xbox 360, they were significant enough for many people to advise against purchasing the fat PS3 in 2021.

There are two kinds of Super Slim on the market. There are those with a hard drive (250 GB or 500 GB) and those with inbuilt flash storage of 12 GB. 12 GB is insufficient to appreciate the PS3. The PS3's advantage is that HDDs aren't proprietary. They are standard 2.5-inch laptop hard discs that you can easily replace. This is true for all PS3 models.

If you're thinking about buying a PS3 in 2021, I recommend this model. This PS3 worth in 2021 shouldn’t go unnoticed as it is a solid option for those who can't afford the pricier PS4 and PS5.

As previously stated, when it comes to backward compatibility, not all PS3 models are created equal.

Regrettably, the only model that supports PS2 games is also one of the least dependable. To put it another way, if you want backward compatibility, get a PS2 and a PS2 to HDMI adapter.

The PS3 is distinct in that neither the PS4 nor the PS5 can run its games natively. The reason behind this is that the PS3's architecture is different from that of later Sony systems. To play PS3 games on a PS4, for example, Sony would have to install a PS3 inside the console.


If you’re getting a PS3 in 2021, this is what you should consider. Considering how inexpensive a console may be these days, don't skimp on the models. obtaining a FAT model wouldn't be a problem if you want to collect consoles and exhibit them in your Playroom. If you want to play around with it, purchase a Slim or Super Slim.

Another piece of advice I have for you is to always leave room for your console to breathe, regardless of whatever model you choose. Consoles require room to expel heated air and draw in the fresh air. This is certainly relevant if you live in a hot climate or spend a lot of time outside during the summer, we hope you have some idea about which PS3 in 2021 to get now.

PS3 PRICE 2021

The Value of PlayStation 3 is around 10,000-15,000 Rs. If you’re lucky you can get a solid deal with online retailers during the times of sale, make sure you keep your eyes open for good deals if you are planning to get a PS3 in 2021.

For my friends in Europe and elsewhere, according to a short search on eBay, Slim and Super Slim versions of the PS3 in 2021 are going for between 50 and 70 euros. This is a steal, in my honest opinion.

The original model appears to be priced between 40 and 70 euros. However, be aware that many of those models are said to be defective.

Visit your local game store if you don't want to buy your system from a stranger on eBay. There are always old consoles for sale at insanely low rates.


Hundreds of amazing games were available on the PlayStation 3. Having a PS3 in 2021 doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be allowed to play the best titles of all time. As a result, I've chosen a few games that I think you should check out:

  • Uncharted 1–3 is the first three games in the Uncharted series.
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 is the fourth installment in the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • The Last of Us
  • Killzone II and III
  • God of War 3
  • Gran Turismo 5
  • Little Big Planet 3

You may still buy games and add-ons for your PS3 in 2021 via the PlayStation Store, but Sony isn't putting much effort into it, and most titles are fully priced.


Using a PS3 in 2021, what features should you expect to have on your console? Here they are:

  • Built-in wireless networking: You may connect to Internet online gaming services via your Wi-Fi network, as well as wired networks via an Ethernet connection.
  • An advanced graphics chip: NVIDIA's chip processes game images and presents them at the best possible resolution on your screen.
  • HDMI outputs (component video is also available) and optical and coaxial digital audio outputs for connecting to your A/V receiver for Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1-channel surround sound are just a few of the connections available.
  • For cord-free gaming, use wireless (Bluetooth) controllers: Up to seven of these wireless controllers can be linked together (called Sixaxis controllers). They even include a simpler version of the motion control featured in the Wii game system.
  • A hard disc drive (for the most part): Keep track of your gaming progress as well as your photos, music, and video. This video may be sent to your home theatre’s screen and sound system through the PS3.
  • Two USB 2.0 (high-speed) ports are available: Connect any external devices, including digital cameras, to the computer. A built-in card reader for Sony's Memory Stick format, as well as SD and Compact Flash formats used by other camera companies, is included with the PS3.

These features may seem outdated in 2021, but trust for a PS3 in 2021, these are some amazing features that you would like to have in your console!


Nowadays, you must pay to play online regardless of the console you use. Except if you play on the PlayStation 3, It's free! This is one plus side of using a PS3 in 2021!

As previously noted with Uncharted games, Gran Turismo, and The Last of Us, most internet servers are either deserted or down for apparent reasons.

However, some games' servers are still operational and filled! If you don't have a PCL and want to play free online games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, the PS3 in 2021 is still a viable alternative.

Of course, the PS3 in 2021 isn’t as popular as it was back then and its online community is shrinking by the day and is primarily focused on a small number of titles.

Finally, while free online is wonderful to have on the PS3 in 2021, it shouldn't be enough to persuade you to buy a PS3 in 2021 because servers are closing down and fewer gamers are showing up.


Online gaming is completely free. A Blu-Ray disc player is a device that allows you to watch movies on a Exclusives to die for. Overall, the PS3 was and continues to be a fantastic system. In terms of vintage games, it has a far greater collection, thanks in part to the backward compatibility. Any of the titles that have been converted to the PS4 or played through PS Now (which, let's face it, isn't fantastic) are the closest thing to backward compatibility with old games.

It can also save digital video files directly on the PS3 console, due in part to the XMB architecture and design. The PS4 and PS5 can't do that, but you can connect a USB flash drive and play the digital files directly from it. Still, there's something about playing the files directly on the PS3 that makes it a lot more enjoyable.

It has the ability to playback CDs.

The PS3 is a fantastic alternative if you have $50 to $70 to spare and want to play amazing video games without spending a lot of money – especially because buying a PS3 is the only way to play most PS3 games. Should I get a PS3 or PS4? Well, if money is an issue, then getting a PS3 in 2021 doesn’t seem that bad of an idea especially considering the features you’ll be getting for the price.

It is not a hazardous investment; simply go for it and enjoy yourself a PS3 in 2021.

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