Is It Worth To Take Subscription of Microsoft Xbox Game Pass For PC?

Azam TanzeemSep 10 . 6 min read

The Microsoft Xbox Game Pass continues to march forward. Microsoft Xbox Game Pass has introduced several EA titles to the program during the last year. It has also introduced a slew of third-party titles, ranging from small experimental indie games to big-budget AAA blockbusters. Microsoft has added the option to stream Xbox Game Pass games to Android devices via the cloud.

As we move forward to 2021 and beyond, I thought I'd take a look back at the service over the last several years and assess its current state.

Here are various opinions on Microsoft Xbox Game Pass in 2021, as well as whether it's worth your time and money.


The Microsoft Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-style video game subscription service. As of this writing, the service is accessible on Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X and S consoles, PCs, and Android smartphones, with plans to expand to the web soon.

Xbox Game Pass is available in three different varieties. On your Xbox system, "Xbox Game Pass" offers you access to a vast collection of titles. On your Windows 10 PC, "Xbox Game Pass for PC" provides you access to a vast library of titles.

Furthermore, "Xbox Game Pass Ultimate" grants you accessibility to all Xbox console titles, Windows 10 PC games, and a variety of cloud-based games for Android smartphones. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes Xbox Live Gold, which is required for Xbox console multiplayer gaming. So, it might be worth contemplating whether you should upgrade to Xbox games pass ultimate, as it does have a few added benefits.

Each tier grants immediate access to virtually all of Microsoft's first-party titles, a list that is expected to grow significantly after the Zenimax purchase is finalized in the coming weeks. Not only will Microsoft's studio games be available on Xbox Game Pass right away, but so will likely all of Zenimax's, including Bethesda's Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, id Software's DOOM, and Machine Games' Wolfenstein.


Xbox Game Pass is $9.99 for consoles and $9.99 for PCs, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costing $14.99. Instead of buying Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, and Game Pass for PC separately, Game Pass Ultimate is the greatest bargain if you want to use each service across multiple platforms. For individuals who haven't yet switched their Xbox Live Gold long-term memberships to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft provides an introductory deal.


With the help of the Microsoft Xbox game pass, you get access to the best Xbox game pass games. The first reason is self-explanatory: games. 

Microsoft adds all of their games to Xbox Game Pass on a day-by-day basis, including their most anticipated releases like Halo Infinite. This demonstrates a high level of dedication and consistency to the platform as well as an insight into upcoming game pass games.

Many of the games Microsoft creates for the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass receive regular upgrades. Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4, State of Decay, Minecraft Dungeons, and more titles are receiving a lot of post-launch support. Given that keeping people involved in your games will keep them engaged with your subscription service, you have to question how much Xbox Game Pass is supporting these efforts. There are also a lot of upcoming game pass games, so keep your eyes open for that as well.

The greatest Xbox Game Pass games include titles from major third-party publishers in addition to Microsoft's vast catalog of games. Sega's Football Manager and Paradox's Crusader Kings III are both available on PC.

We have a large library of EA classics on console, including Mass Effect and Dead Space. Games like Streets of Rage 4 and Hellblade may be played without a controller on mobile devices. Regardless of method, choice, or attention level, there's absolutely something for everyone here. The sheer amount of content and diversity available with the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass cannot be overstated. As mentioned, you get access to the Best Xbox game pass games with a subscription.


For ten dollars a month, each Xbox user receives access to new Microsoft Xbox Game Pass titles every month, in addition to the hundreds of games already available. Xbox exclusives and a slew of titles from Microsoft-owned studios, including Bethesda's Skyrim, are included in the base subscription. The service is largely geared for individuals who prefer single-player experiences or who want to get the most bang for their cash.

For playing Microsoft Xbox Game Pass titles, Microsoft rewards you with Microsoft Rewards Points, which you can then use to obtain free Xbox Game Pass months. The Microsoft Xbox Game Pass is unrivaled in terms of raw enjoyment hours-per-cost value.

Microsoft built in the ability to stream its Microsoft Xbox Game Pass titles to any device, regardless of location (providing you have a semi-decent internet connection). Many of these games include touch controls as well. And, if you have a good internet connection, you can find new games anywhere, at any time.

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass for PC also includes several titles that are compatible with earlier builds. This implies that people with already powerful systems will be able to play the best-looking games at their highest settings, and Xbox gamers will be able to play a variety of games on laptops or older PCs. The inclusion of EA Play, which provides a distinct and extensive library of both new and vintage EA titles to enjoy, adds to this. Xbox game pass perks make the subscription all the more compelling!


Microsoft Xbox Game Pass is ideal for anybody looking to save money while gaming, anyone who wants unlimited adventure and discovery, and anyone who wishes to take their games with them on the go.

There are still certain features and enhancements that need to be added before I can call the service mature. For example, the Xbox app on Windows 10 is lacking, and gaming on a phone has a long way to go in terms of ergonomics. But, at the end of the day, Xbox Game Pass is all about the games. In this regard, Game Pass Microsoft reigns supreme.

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