Is Apple Arcade Worth It: Read before taking Subscription

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaSep 23 . 7 min read

With so much competition in the gaming industry for every bit of money spent, the question arises that Is Apple arcade worth it? You get a lot of options today to choose out the best. Some people like to spend out on classical things not being involved in the specifications while some like to pay for the things which are exclusively available to them only and are best in the Industry. 

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple arcade is the service of a monthly subscription which you can take to play games on all your Apple devices. It was launched in 2019 and with just over 100 games in the library. Some of the games were exclusive to and it also offered to share the subscription in the family with up to 6 persons. It didn’t get that of much hype in starting but later with the developments, it has become quite popular. 

Talking about the cost, the monthly Apple Arcade price is $5 and it allows you access to arcade games in continuation to the previous stage you have played on your other Apple device. Also, if you love to play classic games, pay between 99 cents to $3 and you can play the classic old games without opting for the subscription.  

Is Apple Arcade Free?

Sounds funny and again the question raise Is Apple Arcade worth it? However, the interesting fact is you get three months free trial on Apple Arcade. That means you get the subscription free for the whole three months. Isn’t that amazing? You just need to sign in with your Apple Id on your Apple device and the latest version of iOS installed. This offer is available on newly set up devices.

You can access this free 3-month subscription on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac also. This is something that heats the competition and anyone would like to go for this trial period. From the date of setting up your new device, you get 93 days to opt for this free trial option. You will get to see no-ads and no in-app purchases in this trial period.

Games on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has a lot of games available from classic to funny to some games that utilize your thinking abilities. It has something for both Apple Arcade hardcore mobile gamers as well as people who like to play just to pass time by playing some light games. So, again searching answer to the quest Is Apple Arcade worth it?, here are some of the very popular games you can play on Apple Arcade are:

  • Assemble with care
  • Card of Darkness
  • Cat Quest 2
  • Crossy Road Castle
  • EarthNight
  • Exit the Gungeon
  • Jenny LeClue Detectivu
  • The Pathless and Marble Nights
  • NBA 2k21
  • Fantasian

These games have been liked by different age groups of users. But, if you look at the competitors like Sony, Nintendo, and Android, the game range and quality of games doesn’t stand that much of a big fight. It means that the users who have been loving iOS games particularly will like to continue playing on Apple arcade games more than the others.

Arcade on other Apple devices

On iPhone, playing arcade games doesn’t require any external setup but if you switch your arcade to TV you will need to have an Apple TV app or tvOS13 and a joystick or console attached externally to play the games. Playing games on a bigger screen is always very exciting and arcade on TV gets you with all the offers available on your other Apple devices also. 

Some of the TVs have the Arcade app preinstalled in which you just have to sign up with your Apple Id to start gaming. Now counting on Is Apple Arcade worth it, the answer is with the free trial available on TV also, the experience gets even better for all the three months.

With the games being available on multiple Apple devices, the updates available or new games added are done on weekly basis. It is visible in the coming soon section in the Arcade tab in the App store. The free trial for Apple Arcade is for 1 month if you have a device other than made by Apple. In India, the later monthly subscription cost is 99 rupees.

Recently added hyped games on Apple Arcade

Tetris Beat is one of the well-known games added in August’21 to Arcade. It is a block-stacking game with music added for the rhythm while playing.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls by Konami is going to be available very soon on Arcade

Arcade has recently completed over 200 games and some games like Master Chef: The Cook, Zookeeper World, Fantasian Part 2, Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Baldo, Crossy Road, NBA 2K22, LEGO Stars Wars Battles are worth the wait and will make Arcade a thing to look for. 

Is it possible to play arcade games in Offline mode?

Through the arcade tab on the Apple app store, you can download it and play offline from your apple device. For offline mode,’ Is Apple arcade worth it?’ is the frequently asked question. The answer to common opinions would be that some of the games often played on offline mode is SoulKnight, Siralim 2, Into the Dead 2, Subway Surfers, Alto’s Adventure, and Alto’s Odyssey. These games are quite popular all over and without the internet, gaming makes it more likable.

Gaming Possibilities

Where can you play Apple Arcade? is the question asked by people with other consoled than mad by apple and people from different countries also? The answer that comes up is on Xbox and Play Station 4, you can play arcade games very well. Some controllers are also made fully dedicated to Apple games. In more than 150 countries, Apple has its coverage and user base making it easier for the arcade to be popular.

iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac and iOS TV having iOS 13 version can support apple arcade games from any location with ease.

Gaming with Controller

It appears quite unusual but the option to play arcade on iPhone with a controller attached is available and popular also to some extent. Clips are used to hold your iPhone connected with the controller while gaming. First on the list is the Nyko Smart Clip available for Dual Shock 4. Is Apple arcade worth it for the controllers’ segment, the answer to this would be yes. However, the clips are available separately as Nyko has discontinued manufacturing.

Another one is the Dainslef Phone Holder Clamp available for Xbox one controller and not iPhone. Nacon Daija Arcade Stick available for PS4/PS3 MAY FLASH arcade stick F101 available for PC/PS3/Nintendo Switch. Likewise, the list goes on. Some of them are very costly but for arcade players, it would be worth spending.


So, now based on all this information, the final question is apple arcade good buy, 2021 users want to be specific on it. The answer is somewhat in the grey area. For, people who wish to play on a super large library of games inclusive of all types of genres, arcade would not be much of a requirement. But, the people who have played classic arcade games, are hardcore apple users and are not considerate about the range but want a satisfactory gaming subscription specific to apple users who would love to spend on arcade.


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