Intel vs AMD gaming 2021: Which is Best CPU for Gaming?

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaSep 12 . 6 min read

The two major players in the processor Industry are Intel and AMD. Intel has been a conventional player and has dominated this space for years but AMD has now come up with processors that are giving tough competition to Intel products and performing well on the market cap of processors also. Let’s first know about both the competitors to start the comparison of Intel vs AMD gaming 2021.

Intel Gaming Processor

Being the oldest manufacturer of CPUs, it has always been setting standards on every performance scale. 

Starting from i5, then i7, then i9 powered by 8cores and 16 threads with 5.2 GHz turbo speed gives you all the freedom to do other tasks also while gaming.

AMD Gaming Processor

AMD abbreviated for Advanced Micro Devices, started with its Ryzen series and gained popularity in the gaming industry very soon. The AMD 5000 series is dedicated to gaming in which the processors are easily configurable and customizable.

Intel vs AMD Comparison

  • Efficiency-wise, AMD is more efficient than Intel processors. Even on single-core, it performs with better speed than Intel multi-core processors.
  • The clock speed in Intel reaches and exceeds 5.0 GHz speed while in AMD, the processor touches the speed up to 5.0 GHz but gets heated up.
  • Another point for comparison in this Intel vs AMD gaming 2021 is symmetric multicore capabilities. In Intel, it is up to 28 cores/4 sockets and for AMD, it is up to 128 cores/ 8 sockets which shows AMD is better here.
  • Talking about market share, AMD has just surpassed Intl in the gaming desktop processors market. The Ryzen series has proved to be a huge success for AMD.
  • In terms of pricing, AMD's Zen 2 chips come with 32 cores Intel offers from4 to 18 cores only. AMD pricing is also less in this section. For mid-range CPUs, Ryzen7 scores over i7 processor in performance and is cheaper too. For high-end processors, AMD's 2990WX is far better than Intel core i9 and available at a lesser price.
  • AMD Ryzen9 has dual-channel memory support and a cache of 64 MB which ensures faster recall of files.
  • The i9-9900K requires only 95 watts of power whereas the Ryzen 9 requires 105 watts of power which is comparatively more. However, considering Intel vs AMD gaming 2021, the performance is almost half of AMD.
  • With the integrated graphics from Intel, you are provided with 4K and Full HD Video and great picture quality for gaming. In this, the AMD is a little behind. 
  • Intel offers processors that are Monolithic which means all the circuitry is on the same monochromatic chip. This eliminates latency and improves performance. AMD adopts a Multi-chip module which allows up to 64cores availability on a single MCM.


There is also a point of discussion is that are more cores better for gaming? The answer is up to a big extent ‘yes. More cores improve your gaming experience but this also depends on the coding of the game and the GPU with which the CPU is paired.

So, there are a lot of parameters on which both the chip-making companies can be judged. Comparing Intel vs AMD gaming 2021 best PCU, each one has its importance as per the internal structure of the chip and the performance is giving in the price range.

AMD vs Intel Stock

Semiconductors are playing a crucial role now in the expansion of the Industry by huge margins. AMD is showing fast-paced growth over the years and has been able to capture Intel's market shares. It has shown year-over-year growth of 93%. The 7-nanometer manufacturing node has been driving gains for AMD. Intel is to get the competent chips produced by the end of this year.

Intel is expected to see a drop to 10% in year-over-year growth. The stocks don’t appear to be very promising ad need some good scale competitive improvements to again retail the market back. The Free Cash Flow for Intel is 8.11% which means that in the Intel vs AMD gaming 2021 comparison, the company is in a better position to deploy more cash for expansion, share increase, or dividend buybacks.

AMD vs Intel Motherboard for Gaming

With the competition in so many aspects for both the key players' Intel and AMD, Motherboard compatibility is also sought after. Can you put an Intel processor in AMD motherboard is also a question asked frequently? Manufacturers provide motherboards that are designed for a certain type of processor only. The motherboard designed for AMD can accommodate an AMD processor and the same goes for Intel. 

Comparing the two top motherboards for Intel and AMD:

  1. Asus TUF Gaming H57-PRO: This is a budget-friendly motherboard with Intel technical aspects as a socket of LGA 1200, 128GB of RAM, H570 Chipset, ATX is the size. The features it provides are having VRMs which are passively cooled, up to the 11th gen of CPU are supported, good power delivery, and supports overclocking support. The Intel vs AMD gaming 2021 competition for the motherboard is increased with these budget motherboards.
  2. Asus TUF Gaming B550-PLUS: For AMD chip, this is the best budget motherboard. It has configurations as socket AM4, maximum RAM of 128GB, Chipset B550, ATX is the size. It works with Ryzen 500 CPUs very well, VRMs providing cooling and there is a PCIe slot for M2 and GPU.
  3. Asus Rog Strix Z590-E Gaming: It is a packaged performance motherboard for gaming with AMD chips. This has a socket LGA 1200, 128GB of RAM, Z590 chipset, ATX size. The features are components are highly reliable and have a good PCB design, up to 11th gen CPUs are supported, M2 slots are with heat sink and VRM cooling is very good. It has a 14+2 power delivery phase which enhances the performance.
  4. Asus Rog Strix X570-E Gaming: In Intel vs AMD gaming 2021moterboard, here AMD comes up with the best performance with this motherboard. AM4 is the socket, 128GB RAM, AMD X570 chipset having ATX size. The components are of high quality with Ryzen 5000 CPUs supportability, PCB design is good, with good RGB effects and overclocking capability is very stable.

So, concluding for AMD vs Intel motherboard for gaming, both have specific motherboards with sockets available in the market to bring out the best performance in both.

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