GTA 5 For PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Rereleasing - What's New & Different?

Azam TanzeemAug 29 . 6 min read

Rockstar Games have recently confirmed that GTA PS5 and Xbox X are happening. With this, it means that the much-admired title will now have been a part of three different generations of consoles. The fact that the game is still played by millions, 8 years after its initial release just goes to show how popular the game is with the general public. And, the demand is only going to increase now that the game is being carried forward to the next-gen consoles. This almost makes up for the lack of a new GTA instalment, while, GTA online is still blooming. You can still play the game on your PS5 or Xbox if you have the previous-gen CDs with you but, you won't be getting the massive graphical and performance improvements you would be getting with the upcoming re-released CDs.


When will the game drop?

Developers, Rockstar Games have given us information on when it will drop as well, November 11. Free up your calendar for the day, as it’s going to cause repercussions in the gaming industry. We will also be able to play GTA Online as a standalone title from November 11. We officially don’t know the reason behind this, but time will put an end to our doubts and queries.

PlayStation 4 users, for now, have the clear advantage in owning a GTA 5, multiple rewards and benefits are promised for GTA PS users such as a fixed amount of in-game money being provided every month until the PS5 version drops.


Next-level graphics for the GTA 5 PS5 version?

Rockstar Games has assured us that these re-released games will take full advantage of all the power in the next-gen consoles, although, they haven’t given us exact details of what these supposed improvements are. However, there have been several reports stating that 4K 60 FPS gaming on the PS5 will be a reality. There have also been multiple teasers from the developers themselves stating that both GTA 5 2021 and GTA Online will have a bunch of new features, we’re all pretty hyped after these reports and teasers!

Germany’s PlayStation blog might have just confirmed this as, a blog entry states that both 4K resolution and 60 FPS can be expected with GTA 5 PS5 (nothing is mentioned about Xbox, on the other hand). But, as Rockstar themselves haven’t confirmed this, it is best if we all take this news lightly and with a pinch of salt, as all reports should be in the gaming and tech industry.

Dynamic resolution is a way in which this level of gaming could be sustained for extended periods. The resolution could drop from 4K while it maintains the 60 FPS as you game, which makes sense as not a lot of gamers would notice the drop as they would be fully focused on the game.

What’s the big deal with GTA Online?

The hypothetical reason as to why GTA Online is given a lot of funding could be because Rockstar is trying to stall the players until GTA 6 is ready, GTA Online, therefore, has a wide audience, this is mainly because Rockstar continuously makes it better with frequent updates, and we aren’t complaining. We highly recommend you to play GTA Online Bring it on!


Are all vehicles getting huge upgrades?

Rockstar has already confirmed this on their official Twitter pages saying, selected vehicles will receive these improvements on both the GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox versions, with speed being a massive improvement. But, as mentioned before, they haven’t provided us with more details about this either, so we can't really, rather, we don’t have a lot to say about this, we can only speculate at this point. All this has meant that players are left with a bunch of questions, all of which is expected to be answered shortly by Rockstar themselves.


Is Remasters going to be common with older Rockstar titles?

Strauss Zelnik, Take Two’s CEO, answered this by saying that Rockstar isn’t going to make this as common as everyone expects it to become. Zelnik believes that remasters should be gone about in a much more detailed manner than how it is right now with several other companies. He also assures that with the GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox versions' re-releases, the best job will be done in giving gamers the best possible experience they can get from the hardware provided by the mighty next-gen consoles.


What engine will the game be using?

Rumours have been circulating that the game is set to use the same RAGE engine as in Red Dead Redemption 2. The rumours have originated from reliable sources as well, which adds oil to the fire. However, there is also a possibility that just the basic code from RDR 2 is utilized for the GTA 5 new game and the rest will remain the same.


Fans’ reaction and pros and cons from the announcement of the re-released version

Tons of fans have been quick to point out that Rockstar has been milking and making the most out of these games, while no one can refute these claims, Rockstar still has plenty of reason to do so. As there is a saying “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.” This appears to be the side rockstar takes on.

Having a re-released version of our favourite game can be a way to become familiar with the various controls of the next-gen consoles (GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox X versions), though. And having an ample amount of time is beneficial for them as it reduces the risk of a game released with bugs, this would be the last thing any developer wants, as it could tarnish the popularity of a company as big as Rockstar. so they’re taking their time with this as they master the art of the trade if they haven’t already.

Taking their time, however, also means that the expectations for the game are at an all-time high for the next major GTA instalment, so it is truly up to Rockstar to live up to these expectations and develop a game for the ages. The stakes and the pressure are soaring with each passing year, and time will only tell how and when Rockstar will perform.

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