Gaming PC versus Consoles versus other Platforms Which Suits You the Best

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaJul 24 . 13 min read

The gaming world is advancing rapidly and so are the users. Almost people of all ages like to play video games and hence it becomes a prominent requirement for the game to be accessible by various means. The popular videogame means widely used are Gaming Phones, Gaming Consoles, Gaming PCs, Gaming Laptops and Streaming Online.

Features and Personal preference are some of the major factors about choosing the mode for gaming. One needs to go through all the options to have the correct knowledge of specifications. Being selective about a particular mode is a major driving factor for each market.

Gaming Phones 

The most popular mode of gaming is mobile gaming. Though, it has risen in recent years, but, the growth rate is evidence of a big spike. Games for all kinds are available on mobiles. Even those who have just started gaming can use this as their Launchpad to become a pro gamer. You just need mobile data and a handset with an internet connection. It serves out as a multipurpose device with a good gaming experience. 

Both Online and offline modes of gaming can be done and are very popular for community gaming also. The low-cost Data required for mobile gaming is affordable for almost everyone and most of the handsets are pocket-friendly. People consider different reasons for this option of gaming being so popular. 

Some of the good reasons are:

1.Easy Accessibility

Phone can be taken anywhere with the user and hence gaming can be done from anywhere. Most of the games can be downloaded so, can be played offline also. Some gaming phones are designed in such specific ways to provide an optimum gaming experience just like on a console or a PC.

2.Online Community

Online gaming on phones like Fort Nite, Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Call of Duty is very popular and the gamers make an online community while playing the game. This also helps to connect with new people and socialize.

3. Least accessories

Not much of a big setup is required and is completely portable. Only the phone configuration has to be compatible with gaming and internet connectivity if playing online.


Some problems are faced in this mode such as:

1.Mobile ads and data privacy

Advertisements keep coming on the phone while gaming and cannot be controlled completely. Also, data on the phone being less protected has been an issue raised many times.

2. Smaller screen size

Mobile screen sizes are limited to an extent and that makes the gaming experience a little constricted to that screen size.

Erica Walter, a very experienced game reviewer and gambler says” Visuals are better on bigger screens. That’s simply it. For the rest, the mobile version is perfectly ok”.

3. Monetization policy

Game playing on mobile phones is freely accessible up to some stages only, after that one has to pay to unlock further stages. Grand Theft Auto, Monument Valley, Kingdom Rush Vengeance are some of the high-end and popular games but cannot be played free of cost. In common games like Candy Crush, a gamer has to spend to get special rewards to clear the stage, if gone out of the rewards provided in the game starts.

So, this mode of gaming is usually preferred by people who don’t want to spend anything extra on gaming but to gain the experience in minimal setup and cheap cost.

Gaming Consoles 

To the unknowns, the first question comes up as What is a console? A Console is simply a desktop computer specialized for playing video games. The configurations generally seen are CPU with 8cores, frequency 1.6GHz, GPU with AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine, Memory 8GB and Storage 500GBminimum, and the 9th generation of consoles being the latest.

 The Graphics card used, for example, like a PS4 graphics card MSI NVIDIAASINB015DROZM8 2GB DDR3, is capable of providing excellent quality graphics. 

Console Gaming like Play Station, B Box, Nintendo Wii provides a great gaming experience and high-end games can be played well on this. 

The advantages that it has over other platforms are:

  1. Less Complex Setup

The setup required is a monitor, a console, and Joysticks/ Controls only to play the game. There is not much extra wiring or cable setup is required.

2.  Less costly 

Cheap consoles are no more a dream for gamers and also after a one-time investment for the setup, there is no hidden charge to be paid later. Most of the high-end games can be downloaded and played on it.

3.  Gamer-friendly and good for local multiplayer gaming

The consoles have built-in support for motion controls and controllers with touch screens which is not available with other modes of gaming. It has also more options for local multiplayer gaming compared to other gaming platforms making it a sought-after preference for everyone. 

Some of the cons of Console Gaming:

  1. Lack of compatibility backward

One cannot play PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on the PS4 gaming setup. If you compare PC versus Console, a PC can be upgraded.

2. No Customization 

In terms of hardware, you have to be contented with what the manufacturer has given, no changes can be done in the setup.

3. Up-gradation limited

Except for the Hard drive, nothing can be upgraded in most of the consoles. You will need to buy a new setup which can prove to be a costly option.

4. Expensive

The subscriptions available for the game are usually annual and prove to be costly compared to gaming on other platforms.

So, this setup is preferred by people who want to have a personalized setup with some investment for a better gaming experience.

Gaming PC 

A PC with processor Intel Core i5-6600 / AMD Ryzen 5 2500X, graphics card NVIDIA GTX 1060/ AMD R9 390X (4 GB), RAM 8GB and DirectX DX11 can be considered a PC Gaming System. PC is often compared with Consoles as PC versus Consoles, which mode is the best to play and hence, comparatively this mode also has some pros and some cons. PC comparison with Laptops is also done to find out the best.

Considering the Pros, you get:


The setup along with the game is not very costly and is a great deal for games with high-quality graphics. One can also buy PC games and still not feel the burden on pocket.

2.Large storage

The space for game storage is quite sufficient on a PC and can store a lot of games. PC gamers do not need any kind of extra storage device to be connected with the PC. Some companies are claiming to be PC having storage capacity up to 160Terrabytes which is quite massive.

3.Up-gradation friendly

Facing any problem with the current setup of your PC can be resolved by upgrading graphics cards, hard drives, keyboard, mouse, RAM chips, and processors as per need.

4. Gamers Preference

Twitch and Esport gamers prefer playing on PC with great compatibility to all kinds of high-end games. This shows the preference for the professional world also.


Now, talking about the Cons, some of the issues faced are:

  1. Complex for refinement

You need to pair the accessories, boot up the operating system, and to run smoothly frame rate, shading and graphics are some of the features which you need to set in the menu. These specific settings are not easy for everyone.

2.      Not Portable

Gaming can be done from PC only where the setup is installed. A monitor and a Power Outlet are still the least things required for the smallest form factor computer.

So, Gaming PC is liked by people who want to have a personal setup with the option always available for up-gradation and excellent gaming experience.


Gaming Laptop 

A Laptop having specifications Intel Core i5 H series or AMD Ryzen 5 H series equivalent, graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060/AMD Radeon RX 480, RAM minimum 8GB and Operating system Windows 10( 64bit) will not show any problem in continuous gaming. Some people prefer it as this serves their working purpose as well. Going into specifics, like every other platform, this also has some pros and cons.

Firstly, talking about the Pros:

  1. Portability

You can carry and play on the go. Easy to carry and playable from anywhere stand out as a great advantage of gaming on a Laptop.

2. Speed

The booting time of Laptops is comparatively low and is ready for playing in just a few seconds. The hardware used in a gaming laptop makes the experience lightning smooth and super fast.

3.  Low on Power need

Power consumption for gaming Laptops is low and battery life is also good, in some cases lasting for a whole day. Charging is not an issue as the power needed is less.


These are the points that pull you to spend on gaming Laptops but, some of the things do not go in this segment’s favor.

Problems with Gaming Laptops:

  1. High Cost

Gaming laptops come with specifications for high-end gaming and hence are expensive. For a limited-budget gamer, this will not be a good choice.

2. Up-gradation not possible

A Laptop once bought with the specification cannot be upgraded with the frequent changes/updates coming up in the games.

3. Hot and Noisy

As per the experience of most of the games, the laptops when under the stress of gaming start heating up after a time and produce noise also which may not be a very good thing to experience while gaming.

So, this is for the gamers who want to meet both purposes of working and gaming in one setup with investment a little more compared to other platforms.


For Streaming Videogames live, you need a PC with RAM 8GB, Nvidia GTX 650 series or higher an Intel Core i5-4670 processor, good quality Webcam, and Microphone with good speed internet connectivity. A good comfortable seat is necessary for longer streaming sessions. This mode of gaming has gained popularity in recent times. The gaming experience is of great quality and one of a kind. This mode has some advantages and disadvantages as well.

Considering the advantages:

  1. Popularity

Once your gaming channel has a good number of people watching, you start becoming popular as a professional gamer. This makes you known in different corners of the world. 

2. Monetization

Gamers can also earn by streaming live when the channel has a sufficient number of subscribers and people watching. This stands out as an option to be self-supportive while doing your favorite thing. People with accounts already a big fan base use it to 

  3. Online Community

You get to meet many people online when gaming in a group. This also helps you to learn and sharpen your playing skills and socialize with new people. The gaming experience gets exciting when playing in the community.

Counting the Disadvantages:

  1. Very high-speed Internet

The Internet speed required for smooth streaming is 10mbps minimum. Hence, the streaming quality is dependent on high-speed internet and deteriorates when the speed is low.

2. Not Portable

Streaming can be done from the place only where the setup is installed. No portability is there. 

3. High-Quality Setup

The setup used like PC, microphone, and Webcam for streaming must be of good quality. Poor quality setup can lead to a poor gaming experience and resultantly not many people joining the stream.


So, streaming is for those who can spend for a personalized setup and want name and fame through gaming.


Comparison will always be there like which to choose among PC versus Console or PC versus Laptop or the other modes of gaming, which console to choose like comparing Xbox series versus PC or Laptop or Mobile phone. Few people compare it among the best setup available in each segment like Which console is better or Which Gaming PC or Laptop is the best and find their observations to be satisfying for one mode selection.

Summing up, it can be said that each mode has its benefits and shortfalls depending on the end-user and setup used to play the game but each mode provides the best gaming experience possible.


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