EA Grand Slam Tennis Wii review: is it an Ace or is it a Fault?

Siddharth SinghFeb 28 . 8 min read

Tennis as a sport hardly requires any introduction as it is one of the world’s most popular sporting activities. And there is every reason for it to be such an acclaimed game. Be it the physicality that goes into it, the amount of patience that goes into watching it and the glory and history that its esteemed Grand Slam tournaments hold. Thus a huge number of people follow this sport by heart and some even play it out of passion and for amusement too. But we have to admit that most of us who love sports are not that good at playing them on the field or in this case the court.

But we have to give credit to the technological advancements in the gaming industry that lets us live so many moments of life that we may or may not be able to do in reality. Be it the thrill of being deployed on the war-torn beaches of Normandy or the mystical world of gods and ghouls, video games fulfil all those fantasies that we possibly cannot actualise. And the sports genre of gaming is no exception to that.

Now the world of tennis video games has seen many successful and innovative titles from different companies but one game that stands out on its own is EA Grand Slam Tennis Wii.

  • EA Canada developed and released it in 2009 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, the biggest attraction in that was the new MotionPlus gaming technology.
  • Meaning no more need to press buttons or use the joystick to navigate your players in this game of aces. It utilised the live, actual motion of the players to serve, receive and move across the court.
  • It was an instant hit upon its release and received critical acclaim from the reviewers as well as the players globally which led to the launch of its sequel.
  • Grand slam tennis 2 was released for Wii, ps3 as well as Xbox 360 in 2012 diversifying the platforms it could be played in.

In our EA Grand Slam Tennis Wii review, we will now find out about the actual elements and outline of the game.

Contents of the game.

  • The game lets you play as 23 tennis maestros.
  • out of those 13 are the players who were at the top of their game at the time of the release of the game and the rest 10 are the veterans of the game.
  • The players can get creative and fulfil their fantasy of becoming a tennis superstar as the game involves a create a player mode too.
  • The users can create up to 9 players of their own at a single time. Not only can the players be created but they can be customised by the users as per their liking.
  • They can choose from a variety of branded clothing, different styles of tennis racquets, player accessories and other parts of the player’s physical appearance.
  • The game's commentary is delivered by tennis maestro Pat Cash.
  • Last but certainly not least it has both single and multiplayer capacities coupled with leaderboards.


EA Grand Slam Tennis Wii has in its arsenal 4 different modes of gameplay, giving its players a lot to enjoy and triumph. We will go through each of these modes one by one in the continuing paragraphs;

The play now mode.

  • This is the easiest mode to play this game. you can play a quick match against the computer and have the much-required practice for the bigger tournaments.
  • This mode of the game is accessible for both types of play be it single or multiplayer.
  • Apart from that all the aspects of match like the venue of the game, the length of the sets, the difficulty of the game etc.
  • An ideal mode of play for a fun session of games at a party, a family get together or just a casual break from the day’s work. 

Grand slam mode.

Again let us understand this mode with the assistance of an analogy too. This mode of EA grand slam tennis Wii equals the career mode of other games like FIFA, NBA etc. Here the players would use their created players to take part in the 4 grand slam tournaments. Here's how this mode functions;

  • At the beginning of a tournament, the players are given a warm-up match where they are matched against fictional players like theirs who has pretty average abilities.
  • After that, the players can throw a challenge of a match in front of the legends or the other in-game superstars of that time. If the players manage to triumph over them they would acquire for themselves a special power or perk that is possessed by that acclaimed player.
  • These acquired abilities can be used by the player's characters in future matches in the tournament. In the beginning, the players can only equip one ability at a time to their characters.
  • But with the improvement in the player's skills, the option of attaching multiple abilities unlocks. This mode will test your skills and help you achieve milestones. Best enjoyed alone or with dedicated gaming buddies too.

Party mode.

This is probably the best game mode out of all the 5 and its main attraction are its various mini-games. These are still a game of tennis with a hint of twist to them in respect of certain rules, components and conditions etc. Here's a list of all the mini-games in this mode of EA Grand Slam tennis Wii;

  • Tag team - much like the tag team event in a wrestling match, it is a 2 against 2 match. Here players interchange turns as they hit the ball.
  • Aussie doubles - this is a 2 vs 1 playing mode.
  • Drop and lob - as mentioned in the name use of drop shots and lob winners in this mode awards double points. 
  •  Champs - this is a mini-game with a time limitation on it. In that stipulated time players take turns to swing and whoever wins the rally becomes the champ. 
  • King of the court - in this mode you'll have to defeat the king of the court and take his place.
  • Net masters - in this mode net shots come with a reward of double points. 
  • Triplets - this is also s 2 vs 1 like Aussie doubles but sans the rotation rule. 

Online multiplayer.

This is the final game mode EA Grand Slam Tennis Wii and maybe the most popular one among the streamers and enthusiastic gamers. 

The basic outline of this mode;

  • Ranked and unranked person vs. person matches. Or simply said players can play against other players over the internet. 
  • A national leaderboard to showcase the top-ranking players from respective countries. 
  • Ranked matches are the ones that are necessary to progress through the leaderboard. As winning ranked matches earns both a player and his country points on the leaderboard.
  • Whereas the unranked matches are friendly and do not constitute the player's progress on the leaderboard as the name suggests too. 


That was a very condensed summary of EA Grand Slam Tennis Wii for you, my friends. It is a fun but challenging game that can take some real gaming hours to become a pro. But given the option of so many diverse playing options, this is a game made for everyone out there.

I hope that this article helped you in understanding how the game works and wishing that you have a lot of fun when you finally end up playing the game. 

Okay, now I'm going to play a nice and long game of tennis out at the court, just kidding I'm gonna go and grab a quick snack and play this one right in my living room.. ;)

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