Virtual Reality

Piyushinvirtual reality
What is the Future of Gaming

Games and technology are heading together towards new developments every day. Predictions and speculations are made ...

Aug 5 .6 min read
Piyushinvirtual reality
How Virtual Reality is Affecting Future of Gaming Technology

The most rapidly advancing form of gaming technology is Virtual Reality also known as VR. Considered to be ...

Jul 26 .7 min read
Piyushinfantasy sports
List of Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps Famous in India [2021]

Using your team planning and Cricket playing skills ...

Jul 25 .11 min read
Piyushincareer in gaming
Gaming PC versus Consoles versus other Platforms Which Suits You the Best

The gaming world is advancing rapidly and so are the users. Almost people of all ages like to play video games and ...

Jul 24 .13 min read
Piyushinvirtual reality
Videogames affecting Psychology Positively or Negatively

Behaving, thinking, and responding in a certain way is a reflection of a person’s psychology. ...

Jul 18 .5 min read
Piyushingaming industry
Life Like Video Games- Boon or Bane for Teenagers

The tendency of creators and researchers has also been to make the technology closest to human-like or life-like. The ...

Jul 16 .4 min read
Piyushingaming industry
Why people hardly get bored after playing a single game several times

Time flies when you are completely into gaming. You may not be playing physically with the setup but it is always ...

Jul 14 .5 min read
Piyushingaming industry
Why Videogames Censoring is Important

There has been a conflict rising since some recent years between the authorities and Videogames creators. When the ...

Jul 13 .5 min read
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Will Streaming Replace Console?

Gamers are always inquisitive about the best gaming experience possible, and this makes the gaming Industry ...

Jul 12 .5 min read
Piyushinvirtual reality
How The Video Games Are Promoting Stereotypical Gender Types

Video games are meant to be open for all platforms irrespective of gender, place, caste, or creed. The skills required ...

Jul 11 .5 min read
Navyainvirtual reality
Video Games - The Best Escaping Mechanism

Video games - The best escaping mechanism 

Jul 9 .4 min read
Piyushinvirtual reality
Does Early Exposure To Video Games Impact The Ability Of Children To Self Regulate?


Self-regulation means to react as per the situation in a ...

Jul 4 .5 min read
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What Game Developers Can Do To Help Gamers Overcome Addiction

Gaming is the modern days' most common hobby. Everyone loves to do gaming whether it is on a PC, a Phone, a Laptop, or on a gaming console. One can play both ...

Jun 27 .4 min read