Best Tekken Games and Why They Are So Famous

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Tekken games are a very famous gaming series originated in 1994 by Bandai Namco. It is a Japanese origin game. With the increased popularity globally since its start, the creators with different versions of it and different features making it all time famous among the Tekken video games lovers. The games can be played on any of the platforms available now.

The never-ending craze for various Tekken games is because of different reasons. Some of the best Tekken games are:

1.Tekken 3

The game launched in 1997 gained immense popularity and is still leading the board. It is a classic one and still you would love to just sit back and watch someone else playing it. The game is equally enjoyable on both Playstation and mobile. Some of the very famous characters of the game are Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Eddy Gordo, Bryan Fury, Hwoarang.

The game was launched in 2005 with improvements for the Playstation2. Critics and Fans all have shown interest and desire for Tekken 3. The game is for both single-player and multiplayer. Fighting is the essence of this game which makes it a favorite for core Tekken game lovers.

2.Tekken 5

Namco launched it in 2004 and on Playstation in 2005 and has sold over 8.2 million copies. This version among all the Tekken video games, the first time allowed the user to choose the outfit for their characters in the game. They could also be equipped with things by winning money from Time Attack, Survival, and Arcade Battle Modes.

This game also introduced the usage of Jump and Block Button and also sized down the attack buttons as only ‘Punch’ and ‘Kick’ buttons. The game was later upgraded to Tekken 5.1 and later on Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Being a commercial success too, this game showed Jin Kazama reaching G Corporation and searching for his missing mother.


3.Tekken Tag Tournament 2

This Tekken tag video game was released on June 9, 2012. The player can choose to play solo or chose one team from any of the two sides. The game offers a choice to switch between the fighters at any point in time. This helps to retrieve life in the other fighter. At many times, the inactive player may also get a temporary boost in life and strength if the player is tagged in. 

During a fight, if the time runs out then the player who has the most cumulative lives amongst all other fighters will win the game. Like most of the Tekken video games, one can play it on different platforms like Playstation 3, Arcade, Wii U, Xbox 360. It received 82-83% of review scores and won several awards too.

4.Tekken 7

This game is remembered for its outstanding graphics. The visuals just leave you stunned compared to their previous versions. This version offers new fighting systems such as Power Crush Mechanic and Rage Arts which made it friendly for beginners also. The plot is revenge by a reporter who lost his wife and son in crossfire against Mishiba Zaibatsu and G Corporation.

One more feature added to the game was in multiplayer mode, you can choose which side of the screen you want to play on. The game was critically acclaimed and was a great success in the series of Tekken. The game is available on all Xbox One, Playstation 4, Arcade, Microsoft Windows. 

5.Tekken 2

With the grand success of Version 1, Namco came up with much more improvements in Tekken 2. It was released in 1995 in Arcades and in 1996 on Playstation. Being second in the series of Tekken videogames, it used 2D backgrounds and four buttons to play the game. It includes gameplay modes as Team Battle Mode, Survival Mode, and Time Attack Mode.

Survival mode consists of an endless number of matches letting you see how many opponents you can defeat. Ten playable characters are there in the arcade version and about twenty-five in the console version. The game won several Games of the Year Awards also. 

6.Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom developed it and released it in March 2012. It is a crossover fighting game. The characters are from both Tekken and Streetfighter games. The special feature of the game is the Gem System in which the players can get equipped with special gems to increase the power of various characters. 

 Another is the Pandora mode in which strength and abilities get temporarily augmented for the characters. The game however faced some criticism also when it came to knowledge that Capcom was charging to play for the characters that are available on the disc. The game offers some characters exclusively to Playstation only the Two Sony Cats, Kuro, and Toro.

7.Tekken 6

The game was launched in November ‘2007. It introduced a new Rage System which lets the characters grow their powers when their health gets low, unlike the other Tekken video games. For the new stages, you have to break floors or walls. Bound System was also a new feature added in this which caused the opponent to be smashed hard on the ground bouncing several times after hitting the floor.

This game uses a graphics engine at 60fps and a dynamics physics engine called “Octave Engine”. It lets the fluid dynamics stimulate in other things allowing water to behave according to the movements of the character.

An update of this version was also released Bloodline Rebellion.

8.Tekken 4

It has some twists in the storyline and acts as a central part of the game. It was released in July’2001. New features added are ‘The Position Change’ which enables you to move your opponent in any direction you want, ‘Side Walking’ which is an advancement of Tekken’s 3D gameplay. The game also has an interactive environment which adds up to the newness.

‘Steve Fox’ was a new character added in the game which made quite a buzz about the boxing skills it had. The game was a big hit with copies being sold as about 23,00,000 copies worldwide. The game was released on Arcade and Playstation only.


9.Tekken 3D Prime Edition

With the advancement in Tekken video games, this game supported 3D compatibilities with a total of 700 collectible Tekken cards. Exclusively released for Nintendo 3DS, it was graphically updated and could maintain 60FPS even when running on 3Dmode. A new feature of Color edit was added to change the colors of characters’ costumes.

Namco had developed this game together with Arika comprising a total of 40characters. In the 3DS, Blood Vengeance cut scenes are also there with the Streetpass enabling its sharing. The game has a Metacritic score of 64 out of 100. It was released in 2001 .

10.Tekken Revolution

The game gained popularity because it being a free-to-play fighting game. Launched in 2013, it had revamped movements of characters which enabled them to walk backward. Players could also spend skill points to earn more power, vigor, and endurance. A ‘Turbo Rush’ mode was also introduced which paced up the game speed.

A total of 29 players are there who can fight in the game. The game was somehow criticized also because of the concept of pay to win. To win, one may need to pay more to play more and new combats.


So, this is a list of Tekken video games being popular for different reasons each being unique.

Tekken Sega Competition

Tekken Sega competition was an old but popular one. Sega also used to make very good fighting games and spread in other sectors also. However, this Tekken sega fight could not go very long and the Tekken series got more success and still is developing very well.

For more information you can visit wikipedia.org, tekken.com

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