Best Psychological Horror Games in 2021

Azam TanzeemAug 31 . 7 min read

Before we get into this article, what exactly are psychological horror games? In brief, psychological horror games are those games that aim to stun audiences in the emotional and psychological aspects. These games aren’t the same as horror games, in psychological horror games, the player and audience are often put into disturbing and intense situations while horror games usually revolve around the idea of jump scares. Gamers usually prefer psychological horror games over normal ones because they’re normally able to provide a more captivating, absorbing and enthralling experience overall and this is the defining feature of the best psychological horror games

Moving onto the article, let’s take a look at some of the best free psychological horror games:

They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror

You’re in the year 2001, you just witnessed an alien abduction that took place in the Grayswood Farm. You want to report the incident but, you realize that the only way anyone will believe you is with a satisfactory amount of evidence. Grab a flashlight and turn your cameras on and begin your journey to capture incriminating evidence against the extra-terrestrials. 


Multiple reports of sounds all over the sky are reported to the authorities, the authorities downplay any rumours by saying it's some natural scientific phenomenon. But, it all remains a mystery as no one can explain what the sound is. You decide to take matters into your hands and solve this intriguing mystery. 

Triple Hell

As the name partly suggests, you are in a hell-like environment that is haunted by an abundant amount of spirits and entities. You play this game in a single-player POV, and the aim is to escape this spirit-ridden place.

Now we’ll take a look at the paid, but the best psychological horror games:

The Medium

In The Medium, what's interesting is that you play a medium named Marianne, who lives between the "real" world and the spirit world. While playing as Marianne, you go to an abandoned hotel to find the answer to the ghost of a dead girl. What follows is a story with many twists and turns and haunting characters, backed by an atmospheric soundtrack, which together makes up a classic and ingenious horror game. 

 The Medium isn't a long game, it takes around 11 hours of playtime, but this Xbox exclusive game packs a lot of good stuff during this time, and it can be short and sharp between long Stimulus open-world games. 

 This game very much creates an atmosphere that will keep you glued to your seats. 

This game is available to play on Xbox and is a part of the steam psychological horror genre for PCs

Little Nightmares 2

Nightmares 2 is a unique game that has a good atmosphere along with it, it has improved on many aspects of the original instalment, Little Nightmares. 

 In Little Nightmares 2, you play as a boy named Mono, who teams up with the protagonist, 6, of the original game to survive in the frightening Pale City. Just like the original version, this is a puzzle-based game that will most definitely strike fear and gets your heart beating in a new and creative way, and after leaving the controller its disturbing visual effects and spooky atmosphere may continue to bother you for hours on end. All this allow Little Nightmares 2 to be one of the best psychological horror games.

The game is available on the PS5 and PS4 as well as Xbox. It is also available in the steam psychological horror genre for PCs.

Until Dawn 

Dawn is a game that manages to combine slasher film traits with the video game format, which is unsurprisingly hard to do and hasn’t been done a lot in the past. 

 This exclusive PS4 game follows adolescents travelling to remote cabins in incredible mountains. What makes this game great is that almost all of the decisions and outcomes of the characters are in your hands, that is, whether they live or die. Terrifying! Make the wrong move and your favourite character can meet with a very cruor finish. Until Dawn is a great psychological horror, they scare you, but you have every reason to play it and to enjoy it. 

The Evil Within 2

Mr Mikami, the brains behind The Evil Resident series, formulated The Evil Within series. This alone can be your driving factor to purchase this game. You play this game from a third-person POV and survival is the instinct that drives this game forward coupled along with you living in a world of the nightmare containing grotesque and horrible enemies whose aim is to devour you... 

 It is somewhat cliche: a quiet town, a supernatural dark power and a Lost Girl. However, how it combines the classic horror elements along with modern action elements, truly allow a sense of endless terror for the players of this game. I’m pretty sure this nerve-wracking description of this game gives you all the reasons for you to go ahead and purchase this game which can prove to be an instant classic.

This game is available on Xbox and PS and the steam psychological horror genre for PC users. 

Now, for you anime fans out there, I’ve included in this article the best scary anime games and psychological horror games you can play right now. 

Corpse Party

If you first saw and liked the anime series "Corpse Party", then you will love this video game! A group of high school students telling ghost stories one night after the school festival, suddenly are hit by an earthquake that teleports them to another dimension, seemingly trapped souls haunt this alternate universe. Players who like adventure games with RPG elements will love this game. If you are one of the players who like additional content, you can even unlock additional chapters to accompany the story, making this one of the best psychological horror games in the anime genre.

Angels of Death 

With the recently launched anime, Angel of Death is undoubtedly a game you can choose to watch and play! Two confused strangers have reached a strange agreement; they want their partner to kill them, as long as they can help him out of prison, which he will do so. Of course, to do this, both of you must find out why they were brought to this strange building and why they were here. This adventure game has elements of psychological horror games, and when you uncover the truth, it will surely satisfy your emotions, and freak you out at the same time!

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Very similar to other games in the "Zero Escape" series, this game is also a visual novel with many of the same puzzling elements previously seen. Nine different characters are forced to play a game revolving around 9’s by a stranger named Zero. Stuck on a dead-end cruise ship, some internal rooms are locked, there are only so many options to survive. If you like the elements provided by Escape Room, you can imagine using the same elements in more stories and video games. In the different chapters, your job will be to try to provide your protagonist, Junping, with a way to escape. This description on its own is enough to make you believe that this game is one of the best psychological horror games in its genre. 

All the aforementioned games are our favourite picks for psychological horror games. We’re pretty sure you’ll develop a certain liking to this genre especially after the games mentioned above. Boo!

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