Best Gaming Mouse for Action Games & Sweaty Hands 2021

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaSep 3 . 7 min read

It is now never the same way Mouse used to be. Gamers need everything made to suit their gaming requirements. The same goes with the mouse also and hence, Gaming Mouse has changed a lot and is customizable also. From aesthetics to the utility, every aspect of the axillary has something new added to it as per the changing needs. 

Sweaty hands are also an issue for many players and creators have kept this in mind and come up with a mouse that is compatible with sweaty hands while playing. Some of the best Mouse for gaming available is:

1.Roccat Kone Pro Air

This mouse has great ergonomics with a very simple design. It is a wireless mouse connected with Bluetooth and availed with a rapid charging facility. The mouse serves a battery life of up to 100+ hours when charged fully. In 10 minutes of charging, you get 5 hours of usage. It is super light in weight just weighing around 75 grams having an exclusive bionic shell that keeps the dirt out.

The TITAN switch makes it super responsive with very little reaction time and high durability. 

The 19K DPI Optical sensor is another mark of innovation. The company is offering 2 years of warranty on the mouse. The mouse is designed best suited for all three types of grips namely: Palm Grip, Finger Grip, Claw grip.

2.Logitech G502 Light Speed

The g502 model Gaming Mouse is a best-in-class product by Logitech serving the gamers with sweaty hands without any problem. It is an ambidextrous machine. It is ergonomically designed and covers a maximum DPI of up to 16000. RGB lightings in the g502 make it look more appealing. 

The HERO 16K sensor is capable of having a tracking speed of 400+IPS. 

Default lighting battery life is of up to 48 hours. A 5-minute charging can provide you with 2.5 hours of gameplay. It has an onboard memory also and a Mechanical Button tensioning system. You get to create your RGB lighting as per your choice.2 years of warranty coverage is given by the company on the device.

3.Razer Viper Mini

The lightning-fast speed of the mouse makes it a special one. It uses an infrared beam to register the response and give out the fastest response in 0.2 milliseconds. This also prevents response on unintended clicks. It is equipped with an 850DPI Optical sensor. The 6 programmable buttons make it more personal to you.

The mouse feet are 100% PTFE. PTFE is a material used for coating Non-Sticky pans. The Razer Synapse 3 provides you with onboard memory available anytime. The gaming mouse connection is through a Speedflex Cable that provides you with a flexible wiring connection having a longer life and swifter movements.

4.Razer Deathadder Elite

It has been marketed as an Esports gaming mouse having the most advanced Optical Sensor. The optical sensor has 16000DPI with a tracking speed of 450 IPS. The Razer Omron switches are optimized for the fastest response time. The programmable buttons are 7 and 50 million clicks durability are supposed to be there. The connector of the mouse is gold-plated.

The company claims to provide accuracy up to 99.4% in the optical sensor. It also has an on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment feature. 2 years of warranty is given by the manufacturer. This also is a great choice for gamers with sweaty hands making gaming easier for them.

5.Logitech G Pro wireless

This G pro wireless mouse is designed for superior performance for gamers. The buttons provided on the left and right sides are removable making it an ambidextrous machine. The DPI button on the mouse is provided underside to avoid any unintentional DPI shifts. It has latency-free connectivity with a report rate connection of 1ms.

It has an ultralightweight of 80 grams because of the endoskeleton design in this gaming mouse. Also, there is a HERO 25600 DPI sensor. It consists of 8 programmable buttons. RGB lights consisting of 16.8 million colors let this G Pro wireless be personalized with lightning.

6.Razer Naga Trinity Gaming

This has a very unique design and the body is of matte texture with sides of rubber providing the best grip for sweat-proof gameplay. It has a 5G Optical sensor with 16000DPI. The side plates are interchangeable having 2,7, and 12 buttons configurations, unlike the Logitech G pro wireless mouse. The total numbers of programmable buttons are 19 letting you get complete command of your gaming.

Razer Chroma RGB consists of 16.8 million colors providing you a large range of colors for customization. Orientation of the mouse is for a right hand and Warranty coverage on the product is of 2years. Moreover, the unique design of detachable side plates makes it stand apart from the others.

7.Steel series Prime Wireless

The mouse is designed for hardcore competitive gamers. It has got a TrueMove Pro sensor. It is ergonomically designed for right-hand usage with best suited for claw and fingertip grip. It has got 6 programmable buttons. The simple in-design gaming mouse has a quick charge option with 100+ hours of battery backup.

It weighs only around 80 grams making a perfect balance for ESports games. The Quantum 2.0 offers lag-free gaming combined with optimization in dual channels. The Prestige Optical Magnetic switches are a completely new add-on to the device. 

8.Steel series Sensei 310

It is a wired mouse with a Non-braided cable and ergonomically designed for ambidextrous grip. DPI is 18000 with an Optical sensor. The buttons are 8 in numbers and programmable. It weighs around 92 grams only. It has been designed to avoid accidental clicks while playing too fast with identical buttons provided on the left side and right side.

It has the world’s first 1 to 1 ESports sensor with mechanical switches offering up to 50 million clicks. The side grips are made of pure silicon. For low latency performance, it has a 32-bit ARM processor. The polling rate is 1ms and the grip is ideally suited for claw and fingertip grip.

9.Corsair Iron claw RGB

If you have larger hands, then this gaming mouse is for you. It offers a right-handed grip with 7 programmable buttons. DPI is 1800 with an inbuilt Optical sensor. The tactile buttons are great for low-time response and weighing 105 grams. It has got diamond printed rubber made grips on the sides. It is ideally suited for palm grip.

The range of material used to make it is diverse and it has got RGB backlighting of two zones. The Omron switches can lead you to more than 50 million clicks and still working fine. This mouse has all the features that make it stand in the top 10 list and the performance is very promising.

10.Cooler Master MM720

It has a very unique design with a classy performance. The mouse suits Claw and Palm grip. The surface material is matte and glossy and made up of ABS and PTFE material. The mouse tracking speed is 400 IPS. It has got a 32 bit ARM Cortex M10+ processor. 6 programmable buttons are there in the device.

The optical encoder in the mouse uses the light source in place of moving parts for scrolling. The mouse lift-off distance is less than 2mm. It has a polling rate of 1000 Hz. The fixed ultra-weave cable is provided with a sufficient length of 1.8 meters. The mouse is extremely lightweight at only 49 grams.

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