List of Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps Famous in India [2021]

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaJul 25 . 11 min read

Using your team planning and Cricket playing skills to earn money online is what has become possible through Fantasy Cricket Apps. These apps are getting more and more popular day by day as people are finding them as one of the easiest ways to earn money without doing any tough maneuvers. There is no big amount needed or any big resource required to participate. What matters the most is getting a platform to test their skills.

Big players and Celebrities are endorsing each app as the Best Fantasy App and capitalizing on this speedily growing platform to make big money. The total market revenue of Fantasy Sports is estimated to be 15680Million USD in 2019 and may reach up to 32078 Million USD in 2025 which is massive. This indicated how easy people are finding these apps to use money in growing their worth even by smaller margins.

The basic procedure to play through the apps is very simple. Just make a virtual team for the price league of your choice before the match starts. The better the players in your team perform in the match, the better will be your chances to rank higher and earn greater prize money as per the ranking.



In this regard, the Judgment on Dream 11 case of Varun Gumber versus UT of Chandigarh is considered a landmark. In this case, it was sought after that whether choosing and making a virtual team of 11 players out of 22 players, be considered a ‘game of skill’ or a ‘game of chance’. The High Court said that to make a team, one has to be knowledgeable about the players, their records, and current performance.

Also, the player has to study the worth of each player to select in the team and also has to study the rules and regulations of the format to make the team. The Court made it clear that fantasy sports are a game of skill and Fantasy Cricket Apps like Dream 11 should be considered to be conducted a ‘ business activity’ under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution. An appeal was made later against this judgment which was dismissed by the Supreme Court of India.

 The Indian Law permits the usage of Fantasy Cricket Apps and Fantasy Apps for other games also like Football exception being in few states Nagaland, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. Niti Aayog has advised OFSPs (Online Fantasy Sports Platform) to maintain all statistical data of the players and submit them to self-regulatory body FIFS (Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports).

The Fantasy Sports Companies have to ensure that people below 18 are not involved and transparency is maintained at every stage of the process with the users.

This popularity and wide acceptance are also leading to the rise in the search for the Best Cricket Fantasy App. Talking particularly about Cricket Fantasy Apps, there are many currently regulating in the permitted Indian states.


Fantasy Cricket App List

Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket App https://www.dream11.com/download-appMobile Premier League Fantasy Cricket App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bibliocommons.mpl&hl=en_IN&gl=US 

My 11 Circle App also known as Ganguly Cricket App https://www.my11circle.com/fantasy-cricket-app.html 

Gamezy Fantasy Cricket App also known as KL Rahul App https://www.gamezy.com/?undefined 

Paytm First Game App also popular as Sachin Tendulkar Fantasy App https://paytmfirstgames.com/download-app 

Fan 2 Play Cricket Fantasy App https://www.fan2play.com/download/ 

My Team 11 Fantasy Cricket App https://www.myteam11.com/android-app-download.html 

BalleBaazi Fantasy Cricket App https://www.ballebaazi.com/download-app/ 

Fantasy Power 11 Fantasy Cricket App https://fantasypower11.com/ 

FanFight Cricket Fantasy App https://fanfight.com/appdownload/ 

So, this Fantasy Apps list includes Top Fantasy Apps along with their app download links specifically for Cricket.

The Apps being so easily accessible and ready to download are mostly preferred by mobile users. But Fantasy gaming can be done on Computers also through the Fantasy sites that are available for playing fantasy games.

Some of the Best Cricket Fantasy Sites in India are:

My 11 Circle https://www.my11circle.com/ 

Halaplay https://india.halaplay.com/home 

Howzat https://www.howzat.com/ 

WorldTeam 11 https://www.worldteam11.com/ 

MyExpert 11 https://www.myexpert11.com/ 

Khelchamps https://www.khelchamps.com/ 

The Fantasy Gaming World is growing like anything. A layman can also play through the app just by knowing about players’ performance records and the proper procedure to enroll on the app and choosing a team of selected players to play.


Requirements and Procedure

The preliminary requirement for enrolling in the Fantasy Cricket Apps is to complete verification by submitting your PAN card and Bank Account details to withdraw the wallet money into your Bank account. This is not mandatory for playing practices matches but must be done for users who are laying for real league matches in any tournament.

In the Next Step, you have to make a Fantasy XI team for a particular match in a tournament. Your knowledge and expertise are required here to make the team. Talking specifically of Dream 11 as many people consider it to be the Best Cricket Fantasy App, out of 11 players chosen in the team, 7 can be from any team playing a real-life match. This makes users available with more options for making teams play.




Now, tap on the ‘Create Team’ option on the left corner of the App using Credit provided for each team you make. The Credit cap limit is 100 for a team and it should be constituted like this:

After this, you have to choose a Captain(C) and a Vice Captain(VC) in the team. The Captain gives 2 times the points earned in a match and the Vice-Captain gives 1.5times. A maximum of 5 teams can be made for participating in a single game every time you play. The higher will be your rank, the more money you will win.

Therefore, these Fantasy Cricket Apps are providing a direct way to earn money just by using your skill to make a great team of players who perform their best in the match and make you reach a good rank.


Money Involved

The money involved in Fantasy gaming depends on which price league you are playing in. Like, For example, there is a band of 19 rupees and the maximum you can win in that league is rupees 66 if you rank very high. Likewise, there are many other price bands like 25,500 and many others. Big price amounts are on greater money investing, so, naturally, the risk becomes bigger. With a smaller price amount, the investment needed is also small to buy the team in any Fantasy Cricket App.

So, if someone is playing regularly on these apps or any site, he must be well aware of how the money may multiply into a big amount or simply be lost if the players don’t perform well in the selected match.


Risks Involved

With the sole aim of the whole format to earn money, there arise risks also by putting your money at stake. There is no 100% surety of winning the game by making a team of defined players. If the payer you have chosen performs well in the match, your chances to win money increase several times. But, if your selected players do not perform, the whole money spent will be lost.

The blind faith of people in their luck proves them costly also when they lose money back to back. Not counting on the risks sometimes proves them very costly. The people playing on these apps have no interest in the performance of the team but only in the solo performance of their selected players. They don’t find any side profitable enough to stand for because of the dilemma that which player of which team will perform better and win the money.

Hence, the risk involved with these Fantasy Cricket Apps cannot be just looked over and forgotten but should be brought in conscious of the users to invest their money responsibly.




One may question the Fair Results of these apps but, as per the experience of people playing on the apps, the procedure being followed by fantasy apps companies make them quite trustable. Transparency is practiced at every step and people, who win in it, claim that money was fairly paid to them without any new conditions. 

This factor also plays a role in claiming any app as the Best Cricket Fantasy App. If some majority of people win on one app out of many other Fantasy Cricket Apps, they claim that app to be the best. However, this claim depends on different people and their personal opinions about each app.

But, the results are usually accepted by everyone without raising any question on it as they who lose money have a reason in front of them, why they lost the match considering their selected players’ performance in the match. Amount, if won in the match is credited without any additional delay in the user’s wallet which he can transfer to his Bank Account.



Addiction is simply when a person is not able to quit the habit even if he or she wants to. With the frequent use, the habit of using the app and playing and spending on it becomes severe and gradually turns into Addiction. People don’t even realize about it that how they are getting trapped because of their habit to lure and make easy money. 

Spending on multiple teams for every match, looking at the phone’s screen all day and tracing every bit to win slowly lead them way ahead on the path to Addiction. It has also been observed that many youngsters make groups just for playing on these apps and spend heavily to cover every probability to win. They start doing it daily and spend a good amount of money, time and energy on buying players of different player sets just to assure winning.

So, being aware of addiction to this habit of investing in fantasy sports is also necessary. This helps to identify and make borders or limits for themselves in spending money in fantasy sports also making them realize the value of money.



In Hindustan Times, dated 7 January 2021, there is a chat published with a winner in Dream 11. The person is Sumit kumar from Ramgarh, Jharkhand who has millions of rupees from Dream 11 is an Engineering graduate. In the conversation he tells that, firstly he won rupees 1000 on spending 25 or 25 rupees. This made him more curious and he started more time and money in this strategically. 

He adds that there is a simple funda that one shouldn’t fear losing. One may incur losses if he wants to win something big. Play selected matches and split your investment in different leagues of the same amount.

Similarly, different people have their different stories on how they won and became successful or some people lost too much amount, investing without firm planning and strategy.

Wherever money and the big prize are involved, complete knowledge, planning, and strategizing become the deciding factors of winning or losing for anyone. One who has better control over these has better chances to win.


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