Batman Arkham New Game: Leaks and Rumours

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Gotham Knights is a highly anticipated forthcoming game by WB Games Montreal, the company behind Batman: Arkham Origins. It marks the studio's return to the Batman universe and is one of the most anticipated upcoming batman games

The Batman Arkham new game will transport players to a "dynamic and interactive" open-world Gotham City, where they'll be prepared to acquire the roles of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), Robin (Tim Drake), Nightwing (Dick Grayson), and Red Hood (Jason Todd), who must all work together to prevent the city from devolving into turmoil having followed Batman's apparent death. So, Batman in Gotham? I don’t think so

The Batman Arkham new game is a game built for co-op play, but whether you play alone or with a companion is entirely up to you. Regardless, while you patrol Gotham's five district boroughs and stop criminals, you'll be able to fluidly swap between the four primary heroes in the next Batman game, each with its own set of talents and abilities.


…rather the successor to it. Batman Arkham City release date was 18th October 2011 and Batman Arkham Knight PC release date was June 23, 2015, while The Batman Arkham new game, which was once announced in 2020 with a release date of 2021, has now been postponed until 2022.

This is to provide the development team "additional time to offer the greatest possible experience for players," as you might imagine.

The Batman Arkham new game will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC when it is released.

On August 22, 2020, The Batman Arkham new game was formally unveiled at DC Fan Dome. The game was supposed to be out in 2021, however, Warner Bros. announced in March 2021 that it would be delayed until 2022.

The delay was revealed on the official Gotham Knights Twitter page, with Warner Bros. stating that the new Gotham release date is in 2022, rather than the previously scheduled 2021 release date.


As previously stated, The Batman Arkham new game is an open-world action role-playing game in which you can take on the roles of Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood. All of these superheroes will have their unique powers and playstyle. Nightwing is a master of acrobatics and wields his trademark dual escrima sticks; Robin is a skilled fighter who wields a quarterstaff and is trained in stealth; Red Hood is powerful and skilled with a variety of weaponry.

Players will roam Gotham's five district boroughs as these Knights, stopping in on criminal activities whenever they come across it.

While you may play Gotham Knights solo, you can also play co-op multiplayer, which allows a second player to join the game as one of your fellow Knights without interfering with your gameplay.


According to rumors, WB Montreal, the creator of Gotham Knights, is getting ready to start work on a new game. WB Games Montreal is recruiting a Senior Gameplay / Animation Programmer to work with its game development team responsible for a fresh IP, AAA title, as PCGamesN discovered on the developer's website. Among other things, whoever obtains the job will be responsible for optimizing "cross-platform gaming technologies" and "NPC behavior." If the wheels are truly churning on a new project, this speaks well for the 2022 release date of Gotham Knights.


The Batman Arkham new game has been built with a two-player co-op in mind. Players should anticipate something a little different from WB Montreal's last Batman game, Arkham: Origins since the fighting system has been completely reworked to function nicely in co-op.

Gotham Knights are still expected to be a brawler and some of the techniques would be familiar to fans of the Arkham series, it is supposedly extremely different in many respects.

Despite the focus on co-op, The Batman Arkham new game will have considerable flexibility in terms of how it may be played. It will still be able to play Gotham Knights solo, and the co-op mode will feature "drop-in drop-out," so you won't be completely reliant on another person.

Furthermore, all of the characters' storey advancement is shared, so you may swap between heroes whenever you want as long as you're in The Belfry, and ask a buddy to join you without worrying that they'll select that one weak character you've never played as before.

Despite this flexibility, the concept and spirit of the "team-up" are critical to the entire game. The fantasy and Gotham City settings appear to match the two-player dynamic. The ‘duo' or team-up is such an important part of the world that it has its literal shorthand in the comics, animation, film, and television adaptations.

It's so crucial that it's influenced the design of Gotham City itself, because Gotham is a city of alleyways and rooftops, and the gaming footprint must accommodate that.


What are Batman Gotham city games without Batman himself? One might wonder what the plan for the storyline is but here’s what we know:

  The most popular theory on the internet is that Batman isn't truly dead; rather, the world's best detective has gone into hiding to infiltrate the Court of Owls, only to be shown alive later in the tale. Just based on the Dark Knight's history and overall popularity, this has some validity. WB Games Montréal hasn't said whether or whether Bruce Wayne is still alive, just that Batman is.

Furthermore, in August 2019, numerous photos allegedly revealed the studio's previously shelved film starring Damien Wayne, Batman's son, and the sixth figure to play Robin. Warner Bros. allegedly rejected the concept since Batman was supposed to be non-playable. Would the studio then do the same thing in Gotham Knights with this in mind?


Another speculation revolves around the film's release date. The crew at WB Games Montréal on Christmas Day shared a "happy holidays" photograph, which included presents, a gym setup, and, most importantly, a banner dedicated to the Flying Graysons.

The Flying Graysons were a troupe of trapeze performers and Robin's family members who were eventually slain, leading to the latter's transformation into a crime fighter.

The tour dates on the poster in question are Tuesday, July 16 to Sunday, July 2, and many people believe that one of these dates will be the game's release date. This is just speculation (and appears to be debunked), as neither of those days falls on a Tuesday or a Sunday in 2021, and the game has now been pushed back to 2022.

This one has a far better probability of being genuine.


One of the game's villains, and perhaps the Batman game's antagonist, has been exposed in a new Gotham Knights leak. It is a character we don't know much about. In reality, we have no idea how much or how little Batman will appear in the game, or which villains gamers as Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, or Red Hood will face. While WB Games Montreal has yet to make this information public, IMDB may have just released a snippet on its behalf.

Elias Toufexis, who played Adam Jenson in Dues Ex, is voicing The Penguin in Gotham Knights, according to the game's IMDB profile. Not only were we unaware that Toufexis was working on the game, but WB Games Montreal also failed to mention The Penguin's inclusion.

The Penguin is a crime boss who considers himself to be the "Gentleman of Crime." The Penguin is unlike many other Batman villains in that he is sane and totally in control of himself. He is known for his monocle, top hat, tuxedo, and distinctive umbrella.

All of this being said, considering that Penguin's presence in the batman Arkham new game isn't confirmed, take everything with a grain of salt until we hear from WB Games Montreal.


Following the game's announcement, WB Games Montréal immediately announced the voice cast of Gotham Knights (through Twitter), which includes several newcomers to the Batman series as well as several up-and-comers.

Starting with Batgirl, America Young has taken up the baton after previously portraying Barbie in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures and directing The Concessionaires Must Die, a low-budget comedy directed by Stan Lee and executive produced by him. The dagger was also voiced by Young in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Sloane Morgan Siegel, a relative novice, will play the Boy Wonder. Siegel, who has had tiny roles in Modern Family and The Goldbergs, is set to feature in Aaron David Roberts' new comedy series Chartered. He has already had modest roles in Modern Family and The Goldbergs, with the casting of Robin being his largest role to date.

Then there's Christopher Sean as Nightwing, who is best known as the voice of Kazuda Xiono in Star Wars Resistance. He has numerous more voices in Marvel's Avengers and Ghost of Tsushima.

Stephen Oyoung, who played antagonist Martin Li/Mister Negative in Spider-Man (2018), is probably the most well-known voice actor in the video game industry. He's played Alex Weatherstone in Death Stranding and Grayson in Cyberpunk 2077 since then.

As Gildart Jackson moves into the spotlight, Bruce Wayne's long-suffering butler appears to play a big part in Gotham Knights. Jackson has previously voiced Giles the Butler in ABC's Whodunnit?, Flyseyes in Netflix's Castlevania series, Gideon in Charmed, and several characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic and its expansion packs. 

While Roger Craig Smith provided the voice for Batman in Arkham Origins and Kevin Conroy in Rocksteady's Arkham Trilogy, Michael Antonakos has been announced as the new Batman. Antonakos is most known for his role as Alexios in the Assassin's Creed: Odyssey video game.

The decision to forego using an existing Batman voice actor reaffirms WB's commitment to setting Gotham Knights in a realm distinct from previous releases. As a result, we don't expect to see Mark Hamill's Joker appear, assuming the Clown Prince of Crime shows up at all.

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