Android vs iOS Pros and Cons In Gaming

Azam TanzeemSep 14 . 7 min read

If you walk into a store today and buy any random smartphone, you're likely to receive one that runs either on Apple's iOS or Google's Android operating systems. Other smartphone operating systems exist, but they are so small that they only account for 0.1 percent of the market. The people had smoked. When it comes to smartphone operating systems, there are just two major contenders. It's not difficult to understand why. Both have their own set of strengths and unique characteristics. This is also one of the reasons why many current smartphone users are still split, Android vs iOS pros and cons for Gaming are seen on both platforms and there is no clear answer as to which platform you should buy.

Apple has long been known for its ability to create gadgets that fit seamlessly into a natural and intuitive environment. Android, on the other hand, has all of the Google brand's capabilities, allowing power users to truly personalize their particular tastes in the way they use technology. They, too, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But, in terms of gameplay, how do these two operating systems stack up against one another? It's no surprise that mobile gaming is on the rise these days, particularly as smartphones become more advanced. So, Android versus iOS Gaming, who wins? Is iOS better than Android for Gaming? What are the Android vs iOS pros and cons for Gaming? Android vs iOS pros and cons for Gaming? All these questions will be answered in this article, so go ahead and read it.



This is a no-brainer; this category is won by Android. Apple has long positioned itself as a high-end product. One typical charge leveled at Apple by Android supporters is that their products are expensive. It's difficult to refute that argument given the fact that many Android phones are available at significantly lower prices while yet matching the overall specifications and hardware performance of Apple products. Apple is associated with a certain level of exclusivity. For many, it is a status symbol, and there is nothing wrong with that. Because of the value for money that Android smartphones give, they tend to be more appealing to the general public. In our list of Android vs iOS pros and cons, this is a con for iOS.


When it comes to game quality, things get a lot more complicated. It's a no-brainer if you're comparing the premium Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max against a subpar Android phone. As a result, Apple should win in this regard. However, if the greatest iPhone were up against a gaming powerhouse like the ASUS ROG Phone 5, you'd have to pick Google. And if it's a battle of the best of one against the best of the other, Android will have to come out on top. In the list of Android vs iOS pros and cons, this is again a con for Apple as Android comes out on top.


This is where things become a little more complicated because the winner of this category isn't so obvious. The Google Play Store now boasts over 3 million apps, while Apple is still trying to reach 2 million. By that statistic alone, you may conclude that Google offers many more options and so provides a superior app experience. Apple, on the other hand, does a great job of grouping its apps and making it simple for consumers to locate the apps they truly want. Furthermore, developers located in the United States prefer to work on iOS versions of their applications first, which means that Apple users receive the greatest games before Android users. The Google Play store, on the other hand, appears to be the focus for the rest of the world. It's also worth noting that Apple sends out app upgrades far more quickly than Google. Overall, picking a champion in this area is difficult. Apple just edges out Android in this category. Android vs iOS pros and cons, Android takes the con here. 

It's a difficult choice. Both Android vs iOS pros and cons are present and there are too many factors to take into account. However, when it comes to pure gaming and disregarding everything else, it's difficult to argue that Apple outperforms Google, especially when pricing and overall gaming performance are taken into account. 

However, a lot of people may still argue that the iPhone is still ahead in terms of gaming, so let’s look at some plausible reasons as to why in the Android vs iOS pros and cons debate, iOS edges out android.  

Why iPhone is better than Android for Gaming

  • The unbreakable connection of their smartphone with any other Apple products they could possess is perhaps the only thing that makes iPhone enthusiasts jump for glee. If you have an iPhone, you may download a game or app from the App Store and use it on all of your Apple devices, including your laptop, iPad, and even your iWatch.
  • Apple also has dealt with numerous businesses to distribute games early on their platform. Android vs iOS pros and cons, this is a major pro for Apple.
  • System speed, stable network connectivity, and long battery life are all essential components of a successful mobile gaming experience. Apple's iOS is known for its quick reaction when it comes to system speed. This functionality is shared by all iPhone devices because they are all made by the same company. Many manufacturers utilize the Android operating system, but not all gadgets live up to the hype. In the Android vs iOS pros and cons debate, this is a con for Android.
  • Each Android device's responsiveness is determined by the components it has and the version of the operating system it runs. There are minor variations between iPhone and Android in terms of connection and battery life, but it all depends on whatever Android smartphone you have. Android may disappoint you significantly unless you get one of the Best Gaming Android phones out there, which a lot of people cannot afford to own. Android vs iOS pros and cons, iOS takes the pro here.
  • If you want a phone that can act as an all-rounder and as your daily driver, it makes more sense to take an iPhone as Apple can provide an almost perfect experience of both worlds!
  • Although iPhone batteries are not as large as Android batteries, Apple has been able to wring respectable battery life out of them through hardware and software optimization.
  • Android phones may be less expensive and more plentiful, but iPhones are unquestionably more valuable. In reality, iPhones may end up being less expensive in the long term. As previously said, iPhones are quick, not due to their hardware but due to OS optimization, and every iPhone receives regular OS upgrades for around five years after its introduction. This not only makes them more future-proof, but it also means that used iPhones are significantly more expensive than used Android phones.
  • So, you can either remain with an iPhone and experience almost no degradation in performance over time (except for the necessary battery change somewhere along the road), or you can sell it after a while and replace it with a brand new one for a relatively little additional expenditure. If you're reluctant to settle for anything less than a flagship and have a tendency of obtaining a new phone regularly, this makes iPhones a superior choice. Android vs iOS pros and cons, iOS takes the pro here as it provides the most value for money. 
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