All Elite Wrestling (AEW) video game, release date, latest developments that you need to know of.

Azam TanzeemSep 20 . 6 min read

Have you been waiting for an AEW game for the past two years? The good news is that you have three options to select from. AEW Double Or Nothing and AEW Elite GM are currently available, and a heavyweight simulation game is on the way.

The game is expected to be an AEW PS4 game with Xbox and the next-gen consoles to be included as well upon its release.

AEW stands for All-Elite Wrestling, and fans have applauded the upstart fed for freshening up the wrestling industry since its debut event in 2019 – making it the first bona fide challenger to WWE in two decades, and WWE is now being challenged in another segment with the upcoming All Elite Wrestling game. 

To build your AEW video game guide, we will tell you about the actual make-up of that lethal digital triple threat, shows the first gameplay footage, and explores how this new wrestling game could play upon its release.


Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho slap each other in the face in the inaugural AEW game teaser trailer, which was released in November 2020, before an unexpected interruption. It's now available on YouTube.

A sneak look of in-match AEW video game gameplay was released in June 2021, in conjunction with the debut teaser. It features Darby Allin's character model, who is shown throwing a punch, a springboard back elbow, and an Irish whip outside the ring into the apron. 


When is the AEW video game coming out? For your calendar, the inaugural AEW video game release date is out now. It pertains to AEW Casino: Double Or Nothing, which was released for Android and iOS on February 26. It offers “AEW-branded versions of slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette, as well as AEW music, sounds, movies, wrestler virtual avatars, gift packs, and more,” according to the website. Players may win actual AEW apparel and prizes in live tournaments and contests, which is an exciting twist. Cool.

Then there was AEW Elite GM, a mobile game that was accessible on both Android and iOS. The development of the GM simulator genre, integrating the strategic aspects of simulation and fantasy games to create a competitive and exciting area for the wrestling community to participate in. 

The rest of this tutorial focuses on the forthcoming AEW simulation wrestling game, which is set to arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X in early 2022. We are all waiting for this new wrestling game and cannot wait for the All-Elite Wrestling game. We hope this answered the question “When is the AEW video game coming out?” for you. 


Yuke’s is back! The N64 was released in 2000 and in virtual wrestling circles, WWE No Mercy is renowned, and when rumors of an All-Elite Wrestling game surfaced in 2018, Japanese developer Syn Sophia was heavily tied to the project. Syn Sophia is the current name of famous No Mercy creator AKI Corporation, and fans reacted with unbridled joy. 

Those rumors, however, turned out to be untrue. AEW's console launch is being overseen by another Japanese firm known for its wrestling expertise. Since the debut of the PS1 classic WWF Smackdown in 2000, Yuke's has been synonymous with computerized powerbombs and spine busters, and 2K's decision to break relations with the developer midway through the development of WWE 2K20 is viewed as the major cause for its failure.

After THQ handed up management of the old Smackdown series to 2K, Yuke's reputation took a hit. But that's precisely why the decision to make AEW wrestling games should thrill fans: it's a new beginning for a venerable firm with a purpose to prove. There's also an AKI Corporation link. Hideyuki “Geta” Iwashita, the creator of No Mercy, is involved in the project as an advisor.


A slew of familiar WWE faces is expected to play pivotal parts in the AEW game. One of them is Chris Jericho, who was one of the first three wrestlers to be announced, with Kenny Omega and Hikaru Shida, the longest-serving women's champion. Darby Allin was the fourth name to be confirmed, according to the above-mentioned June video clip.

Former Shield member Dean Ambrose is expected to make an appearance under his AEW moniker of Jon Moxley, as are Miro (Rusev), Jake Hager (Jack Swagger), Pac (Neville), Matt Hardy, and Cody Rhodes.

Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) is also expected to make an appearance. The huge guy, whose real name was Jon Huber, died in December 2020 at the age of 41. With actions like gifting his son Brodie Jr the red TNT Championship belt, AEW has kept his legacy alive, and you can bet a part in the video game will be another tiny token of respect for a guy adored by his peers. All these people in the roster make us excited for the AEW release date, as we cannot wait to play as the aforementioned characters!


When it comes to wrestling game sales, appealing to old-school fans is important, which is why WWE regularly stuffs their sim products, as well as more quirky attempts like WWE 2K Battlegrounds, with legendary names from the past. While both FIFA 21 and PES 2021 let players play as Diego Maradona, Frank Rijkaard, and Fernando Torres, The Rock and Steve Austin are unlikely to appear in a TNA game.

In addition to Jericho and Hardy, the hot newcomer can count on several well-known experienced stars. Former WCW world champion Sting, who has recently been a big draw in WWE 2K, will make his debut in 2020 and will undoubtedly be at the center of the video game.

Arn Anderson, Billy Gunn, Jake ‘The Snake' Roberts, and Taz all have on-air responsibilities and may get makeovers to look as they did in their heyday, and Bret Hart is also a possibility. The 'Hitman' has never been afraid to criticize WWE, and in May 2019, he made a surprising one-off appearance for AEW at Double Or Nothing.


This won't be like Yuke's wrestling simulations of the past, according to Omega, a huge gaming aficionado as well as a major eventer. He says that Right now, the biggest problem they have is trying to portray the current wrestling style in a way that seems like the previous games, it's not the same wrestling atmosphere as it was in 2000 because things have changed.

The first footage implies that this will be a cross between Smackdown and No Mercy, with a realistic feel but an equal emphasis on heavy fisticuffs and blockbuster maneuvers. All these features make us feel that the AEW video game release date is further than what it is because we are hyped!

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